Part Three – Abraham-Hicks to the rescue

Looking for the key

Looking for the key

Having survived and actually thrived, from the sale of the house, I was on the brink of depression again.   I was letting external factors affect my well-being, to a degree that was making me sick. I’d only to look at the depression that kept me in bed for three weeks in January, or the infection that put me in hospital in July.

Trying to control the outside world is like a piece of crap in the sea trying to control the waves. I was tired of this emotional yo-yo, and I must have called for help.

Help came via facebook; someone had posted a YouTube video of Abraham-Hicks.

Once I got better and got busy with the sale and the move, I’d forgotten all about

Abraham-Hicks. Watching the video on facebook, I remembered that I had saved the email with the links that a friend had sent me in January.  Eagerly I signed in, found the email with the link and watched it.  “If you want to be over there,” it said. ‘You can’t keep talking about how much you don’t like it over here, and how long you’ve been over here instead of being over there… to be over there, you have to start telling a new story…about over there.”

As they had before, Abraham’s words touched something within me that responded.

I saw that there were more clips that I could watch and books that I could order and I ordered them.   Every morning before the books arrived, I would go on line and look for more Abraham-Hicks videos to watch.  I watched those videos as though my life depended on them.

When the first book arrived….

More tomorrow…


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