Part Four – What’s there not to love?

A Happy Vortex

A Happy Vortex

When the first book arrived, The Vortex, I ripped the UPS envelope, and dove into it.

I read that in any given situation, it is possible to find a positive aspect to focus upon until we feel relief.  I immediately put the book down, and with willing eyes I looked around my room.

I liked its size and shape.  The white ceiling and windows, the green foam color of the walls, the antique pine and walnut furniture, the beautiful view of the garden from the windows… My room was an oasis of peace.

I felt genuine relief.  I felt hopeful again.  I caught myself smiling.

Eagerly, I went back to the book.  I read that the emotion of relief is the result of a shift from negative to positive energy.  At that point it is possible to de-emphasize what is not wanted, and to emphasize what is wanted.

Well, I wanted a roof over my head; I had it.  I wanted the security that money gives, and we had more than enough for the foreseeable future.  I wanted my husband to do well; he was doing financially better than he had in a while.  I wanted my children to be happy, to have everything they needed and to thrive.

Well, my twenty-two-year-old daughter, the eldest of my three children, had found a job she liked straight after finishing her master.  Within a week of looking, she had also found a gorgeous apartment, and she was having the time of her life.  My older son was a junior at a top college; and even with demanding subjects like Chinese, he was doing very well.  My youngest, a high school freshman, was also doing well academically, and socially.

Come to think of it, I had everything I wanted and everything I needed.  To put it the way a dear friend used to put it: “What’s there not to love?”

Indeed!  I felt so much better already.

Feeling good is all you need…

More tomorrow…


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