Part Five – The Importance Of Feeling Good

Feeling Good - Happiness

Feeling Good - Happiness

Feeling good is all you need to feel good! Mind blowing isn’t it?

But think about it.  When you feel good, those around you respond to your positive energy with their own positive energy and so…the better it is, the better it gets and the better it gets… Lets find out.

Over the next few days I made feeling good my first priority.

Following the advice in the book, before going to sleep I would find things in my immediate surroundings upon which to direct my appreciation.  The organic feel of cotton sheets, my pillows, the scent of jasmine incense I had burned earlier.  A profound feeling of well-being would quickly permeate my whole body and I would fall into a restful sleep.

Upon waking in the morning, I would again spend a few minutes consciously directing my appreciation toward my immediate surroundings.  Then, in the book, Abraham suggests bathing and eating.  Sitting quietly for fifteen minutes afterwards, to quiet the mind, feel any resistance fall away and your vibration rise.  Then open your eyes and write for a few minutes about things you like in your life.

After only a few days of following this simple routine, I experienced a complete turnaround of my mental and physical well-being.  I was no longer on the verge of depression and… how can I put it… I stood taller.

The weather was good and I walked around the park for two days, smiling until my face hurt and people and trees started staring at me.

But I had been thinking… I always wanted to feel like this.  No more depression, no more pessimism.  I wanted my Well-Being to be dependent upon myself and nothing else.

I wanted to finish writing my book, I wanted to be published, I wanted…everything and more

For tomorrow:

A wave of inspiration


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