Part Six A wave of inspiration


Coming back home from the park one morning, I set about doing a few chores, I felt like a child playing house.  I had fun washing up the breakfast dishes.  I enjoyed doing the laundry and hanging it outside to dry.

It feels good doing what I can to reduce my carbon footprint.  It is perfect laundry weather, warm and breezy.  When I bring it inside it smells wonderful.  I know that it may sound strange, but I’ve always enjoyed ironing, I find it soothing.  I feel a childish pleasure at the clean laundry smell that wafts up with the steam from the ironing board, as I run the iron over a shirt.

My husband is coming back in a few days.  Ironing a bunch of shirts that I had washed after he left over a week ago, I realize how well being on my own has worked out after all.

The first night on my own, I suddenly got scared of the dark and grabbing my pillows I took refuge in my son’s room.  But still, I didn’t sleep well.  I spent the night tossing and turning, and in the morning I thought that the ten days until my husband came back, were going to be a very long time.  That was then.

On this morning though, with the sun streaming into the kitchen and my heart beating with joy, I realized that being on my own, had given me the time and space I needed to find myself.

When I first watched The Secret, I learned that there is this thing called the Law of Attraction. But what The Secret failed to do, was to explain how it works.  Now, through Abraham’s books, I was learning that the whole Universe is governed by the Law of Attraction.  I was finding out that there are DOs and DON’Ts, and that our emotions are there to guide us.  What’s more, everything I was learning resonated deeply within me.

It made me feel good, it empowered me.  Once again, to put it the way a friend of mine puts it;  “What’s there not to love?”

And so, while still ironing, I decide that with the help of the Abraham-Hicks books, I am going to Learn how the Law of Attraction works, and how to work with it.

And I am going to attract ever-increasing wealth, health and happiness within a year or less.

When all the shirts are hanging in the wardrobe, I’m inspired to chronicle this journey and to share it with you, hence this Blog.

Coming up tomorrow

Day one

See you then,


ps  Do you love my pen name?  Clever isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Part Six A wave of inspiration

  1. Thanks for following me in Twitter. Excellent article. You write sooooooo well. You must put your name and picture in your blog. You have come out boldly and courageously in expressing how you enjoy doing daily chores. Gratitude opens window of opportunities! Nice to see you create abundance in physical, spiritual, family and social life. Best wishes!

    • Thank you Lalitha for every single one of your high energy vibration words!
      As for my name and picture, perhaps I will, but…what are names and pictures?.
      The name I am using at the moment is


      PS. Tomorrow I will post my goal. See you then.

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