Ok, from studying the Law of Attraction I understand that there is more to it than getting a car, or a million bucks.  No, the Law of Attraction governs the whole Universe.

Which means… a lot.  And it would pay all of us to get to grips with it.  The whole thing is based on something seemingly simple: like attracts like, we get what we think about.

So why is it that I for one, when the shit, I mean, the credit crunch hit the fan, had to sell my house? I thought of nothing but the trouble I was in and how I wished I’d win the lottery; actually. So, what did I miss?  Everything!  It turns out that I’d been going about it the wrong way for years.  Now that I understand how the Law of Attraction works, I can trace the origin of our troubles.  If we hadn’t attached so much importance and given so much attention, to what was only a hiccough, I am certain that we wouldn’t be where we are now.  Still, that was then and this is now, and we are going to crack it this time.

So, the key here is in the way we think about what we want.

In other words, when we think about wanting to be slim, do we think:  “I’m so fat, I want to be slim?”

When we wish for more money, do we think:

“I don’t have enough money, I want more?”

When we wish we had more time do we think:

“There just isn’t enough time to do everything, I wish there was more?”

If you are like most people; that is how you think.  And that is where the problem is.

You see, we live in a vibrational Universe, everything vibrates, thoughts included.

And the Law of Attraction doesn’t read our thoughts and say:

“Ok, Miss Success over there wants to be slim, not fat.”

No, the Law of Attraction responds to the vibrations created by the thought.  And when we think that we want money because we don’t have it, we are focusing on the lack of it. And because we are focusing on the lack of it, we offer a vibration of: I don’t have it. And because we offer the vibration of, I don’t have it, the Law of Attraction will bring us more experiences into our life that will confirm that we “Don’t have it.”

And as we keep observing that we don’t have enough money… you’ve guessed.

In Abraham-Hicks’: The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, there are many suggestions to help us to at least frame things differently.

Take a person who is sick for instance.  This person might very well find it difficult to pretend he’s healthy, but he can remember a time when he was healthy.  The Law of Attraction doesn’t discriminate between past, present or future, and remembering creates a vibration that the Law of Attraction responds to.  The quality of the vibration is all that matters.

If we’ve never had what we want in the first place, then she could think and write about why we want it, what we would if we had it.  We could make it into daydream that would produce a better feeling vibration than the one of “I’ve never had a lover.”  The Law of Attraction would get behind that nascent vibration.  It will match and bring us similar thoughts that will increase the momentum and soon produce the vibration that is a match to the actual desire, not the opposite of it!

So, I’m off to practice.  I have a whole wedding album full of beautiful, slender me.  As for money, I’ll do some more reading and will let you know.

See you tomorrow

Your friend,




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