The right foot

The right foot

This Morning I overslept and this time it was my son’s turn to wake me up.  It gave me the chance to practice jumping out of bed and hitting the ground running.  And I did rather well as a matter of fact.  I prepared his lunch, made my espresso and drank it, threw some clothes on and drove him to school.  It was nice to have the time together and I got a nice kiss and a big smile before he got out of the car. Worth every moment of traffic!  Driving back, I noticed the sun playing peek-a-boo through the trees.  It filled me with joy.  I laughed and d’you know? The sun laughed back and it followed me all the way home.  Before going inside I stopped by the basil pot outside the kitchen.  It seemed to vibrate with life, just looking at it, I felt good.  I reflected on the fact that having got up on “the right foot,” was the reason why I felt wonderful now.  In the same way that getting up on the “wrong foot” often spills over into everything else and the day goes from bad to worse, getting up on the right foot, gets better and better as the day progresses.

It’s the Law of Attraction; like attracts like.

I just thought I’d mention it again, because the importance of feeling good cannot be underestimated.  Feeling good means that we are in alignment with our Self, with our Source, and everything that is good is created from that place of alignment.

And the way we know, the way we can tell when we are in alignment, is by the way we feel.  Our emotions indicate the degree of our alignment with Source Energy.  When we feel good we are connected, when we feel bad, we are not.  And what that translates into is that; when we feel good we are creating what we do want.  When we don’t feel good we are creating what we do not want.

Ok, look, my husband is coming back this evening.  To paraphrase Sandra Lee from the food network channel, I want to get a nice semi-home made meal ready for tonight.

So, I’m going to run over to Whole Foods to get a rotisserie chicken, I’ll do the mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Bye for now, and don’t forget, whatever you do, make sure you feel good!

See you tomorrow

Your friend,


ps. Guess what, I just caught sight of myself in the mirror. The face looking back at me was radiant and I do look slimmer!  Ciao


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