Dumbledore's pensieve

Dumbledore's pensieve


I have to say; yesterday’s visit to Whole Foods was much better than the last one.

I have been feeling altogether more upbeat, more confident about the Law of Attraction being real, therefore I am less worried about this, that and the other happening before I can do this, that and the other.  As a result, I virtually never worry about our money lasting until blah, blah… as I used to.  But, if one of those thoughts does manage to sneak past me, I told you yesterday; I whack it on the head with thoughts of the great things that I know are coming my way.

Also, and this is amazing, since starting this project, my writing is, how can I put it?  It’s like a river has burst its banks.  Perfect words, sentences, images, whole chapters flow to me all the time. It’s exhilarating but exhausting too.  I can hardly step away from my laptop, before the next “load” is spilling over, usually when I am in the shower, out driving, or shopping.  I pull over whenever I can, and do my best to put it all down.  Sometimes I feel I am like one of those poor cows that are pumped full with hormones, as soon as they are milked their udders fill up.  I wish I could have a “pensieve” like the one that Dumbledore in Harry Potter had, in his office.  Then I could take a wand, touch it to my udder, I mean temple, say abracadabra and every letter and syllable swirling in my head, could go into the pensieve until I’m ready to play scrabble.

Still, I’m thrilled!  Anyway, what I really wanted to say is, that I was so busy mentally writing while I was shopping, that I didn’t even look at the price of the roast chicken, and the other things that I was putting in my basket.  When I got to the register I paid and didn’t even look at the receipt!  And guess what else, I stopped at the first gas station I saw on the way back and filled up the car, while before I would go to the cheapest one around.

Oh boy did it feel good just doing instead of worrying about doing.

Anyway, my husband got back last night, and I was happy to see him again, but I noticed that my energy was being affected by his…


See you tomorrow

Your Friend,




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