I am struggling today.  I have been struggling for the last couple of days.  It’s like the postnatal depression I suffered after each of my children were born.  Come to think of it, I’ve felt like this after every big endeavor.  After one of my children died of SIDS, I threw myself into fundraising.  After each event was over I would feel a bit like this, overwhelmed, wanting to run away from it all.  Maybe all the creative energy I’ve poured into this project, working on the materialization of my dreams, launching the blog; it’s been like giving birth.  Maybe now I am suffering from post-natal depression.  But the difference is that now I know not to give in. My work today is to write on my book of  “positive aspects” as Abraham-Hicks suggests in; Ask and It Is Given. One by one I will write down what I like and love about the people, things and circumstances in my life, and why.  That should help me focus my attention on what I do like, which in turn will activate a positive vibration within me, to which the Law of Attraction will respond by bringing to my attention more things to feel good about.  And the better one feels the better it gets and the better it gets, the better one feels and on and on.

The other thing I’m doing is called “scripting” (also in Ask and It Is given). In this script, a producer from the Oprah Winfrey show calls me to say that Oprah has been reading my blog, and she wants to interview me on her show.  Nice script, right?

I really want to be back to my normal, good feeling self, as soon as possible.

See you tomorrow

Your friend,



6 thoughts on “DAY SEVEN – STRUGGLING

  1. Congratulations to you on continuing to do the work necessary for your success, even through your “post-natal” period! It is hard to stay focused sometimes, I know, but I think you will be well-rewarded for sticking it out. Best wishes!

  2. Thanks for sharing your struggles, I need to focus on moving up the emotional scale myself tonight – financial woes have years of weight behind them, and abundance is a new light. Its taking constant effort, constant pivoting tonight. Oh can you just imagine the magnificence of my vibrational escrow!!!!

    • Hi Nina, so good to hear from you. When I started I felt I could walk straight into my vibrational escrow, gosh it was exhilarating. At least now we are armed with some tools we didn’t have before, at least I didn’t. What are you working to manifest? Let’s work together on our goals. Let’s hung in there and help each other. xoxox

  3. Your script
    “In this script, a producer from the Oprah Winfrey show calls me to say that Oprah has been reading my blog, and she wants to interview me on her show. Nice script, right?”

    Are you ready for this big day? Start writing your answers to Oprah’s questions!!!!!
    Wish you all the best!

    • Thank you for reminding me! I would have gone unprepared. Indeed, I am going to work on my answers tomorrow. You are wonderful!!!
      See you on the show maybe?

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