The following is today’s daily quote from Abraham-Hicks Publications.  I believe it explains how the Law of Attraction works.

“You’re always getting a perfect vibrational match to what you predominantly

give your attention to. But you’ve got to make the best of it. You’ve got

to vibrate slightly different from where you are if you are going to

improve where you are. You can’t keep taking score of where your business

is or your relationship is, or your body is, without continuing to create

it as it is. To make improvement, you’ve got to reach for a different


“…You can’t keep taking score of…” I find that to be the biggest challenge.  Being able to imagine, feel, anticipate and expect my reality to be different from the one I withness now.  And yet looking and talking about what is; is only going to keep manifesting more of the same.

I would like the security of owning a home instead of renting one, for instance.   The key lies in finding a way of being comfortable with where I am now, knowing that if and when I want to buy a house, I will have the means to do so.

The ability to think of what we want with pleasure and anticipation, rather than longing and disappointment that we still don’t have this thing that we’ve wanted for a long time, is paramount to it’s materialization.  And that doesn’t just apply to a house, or a job or a car.  As I understand it, it applies to everything; it applies to life in this physical Universe.

The first of the Abraham-Hicks’ books I read was their latest; The Vortex.  Almost from the moment I opened it to read it, I felt as though a huge light had gone on.  The relief that I experienced was immediate, and from being on the verge of depression, I was restored to myself in a matter of days.  My energy soared.  Whatever I looked at, seemed good.  When I thought of my husband I felt happiness for him and for the wonderful life that would unfold for him.  When I thought of my children, I rejoiced knowing that they had everything they needed and that they were thriving.  On the other hand, when I don’t feel good and I think of them, I am like: “Oh my poor husband, Oh my poor children.”  It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Over the last few days I have found myself sliding back, and it has taken everything I have not to crumble.  Fear that being able to attract what I need and want is all mumbo jumbo, keeps pocking it’s head through the window of my consciousness.  There is a part of me that says:

“What if the Secret, Abraham-Hicks and their Law of Attraction are all a scam?  My mother has stubbornly maintained that we weren’t born lucky.  And I’ve always just thought her a pessimist.  But what if she’s right after all, and I’m wrong?”

These are the thoughts that scare me shitless.  I don’t know why they keep coming back.

But I must be making progress though.  Take yesterday for instance, by lunchtime I felt more like myself again.  By the time I sat down for a sandwich, I was smiling from ear to ear.  It wasn’t until bedtime that I felt a pang or two of unease.  Of course I would prefer not to feel any unease when I go to bed or when I wake up like I did this morning, but it is a significant improvement from the falling apart I’ve experienced in the past, isn’t it?

And when all is said and done, I can attest from my own experience that by following Abraham-Hicks’ teachings I have made progress in my ability to handle my emotions and I feel that I have the tools to help me regain control of myself.

Oh, and did I tell you that I have gone down a whole size?  Nice right?  I think so!

Yes, all in all I think that the Law of Attraction is real.

That’s it for now.  See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



  1. Your first was the Vortex! So you are new to A-H? I highly recommend “Ask and It is Given” – a very use-full book

    ps nice tweeting with you

    • Hello Nina, nice to hear from you again. So far I’ve read in this order: The vortex, Money and the Law of attraction, The Amazing Power of deliberate intent, Ask and it is given, The astonishing power of emotions. I don’t know about you, but I find that being and staying “up” requires commitment.
      pn nice tweeting with you too

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