Him and Her

Him and Her

My husband and I have been married for many years, twenty-four at the end of this month.  We have a long vibrational history together, most of it good.  Whatever knocks we’ve had, and we have suffered some serious ones, (see first posting), we have always leaned on each other and pulled through together.  The past few years, particularly this one, have been challenging for both of us.

When faced with challenges to our life style, to our survival, people tend to blame others for what’s happening.  Hence the resentment; nagging, sarcasm, snide remarks and more that we heap on each other.  My husband and I have done our fair share of the above, but of the two, I’ve been the most vociferous.

But as I embarked on this project while he was away, I’ve seen the light!  In the ten days (was it really only ten?) that my husband had been away, I felt as though I’d been on a journey.   While he’d been away, I had traveled back to me.

The me that I was once.  The me who had manifested him into my life.  Down to his last inch in height and upper class English, he was my Prince Charming and I wanted the fun and appreciation of each other back in our life.

Abraham-Hicks tells us that one of the ways to change our lives, is to change the story we tell.  In the new story we should focus on what we want, and we should reframe how we talk and feel about what we don’t like about our husband, friend, life, situation, job…in other words we should focus on the positive aspects of our husband, friend….

And the others, as we said yesterday, in most cases will fade away.

Here is my new story about my husband.

My husband and I have been married a long time and he still brings me coffee in bed, isn’t wonderful?  And isn’t it amazing that after so many years, he still finds me attractive?  We have had a lot of fun over the years.  And even when things haven’t gone our way – which is part of life – we have been there for each other.  It has been interesting to me to observe over the years, that although our approaches differ, the end results can often be the same.  There was a time when his work hours were long, it was dark when he left, and it was dark when he came back.  It could get lonely at times.

These days, he is home a lot more.  Hearing his booming voice reverberate through the house when he is on the phone, I am reassured that I am not home alone. So what if after only a glimpse, the word that had been eluding me all morning gets lost as a result.  What is a word after all, compared to a whole paragraph that he is happy to write down for me, when I am overcome with inspiration while in the shower, or out driving?

My husband has always been open minded about anything I have wanted to explore.  He encouraged and supported  the dream I had of traveling in India with my beloved Teacher, Amma.  For seven weeks he held the fort at home so that I could go and seek.

I look forward to continued fun, excitement, friendship and camaraderie in the days, and years to come!

Lets tell a new story about money tomorrow.

See you tomorrow

Your friend,



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