As we have seen, the majority of what the majority of us create, is by default.  Everything that is in our lives is there because we have attracted it.

Of course we didn’t want to break a leg. Of course we didn’t go out of our way to find a job in an under-staffed office where we do the job of two people and we are not even appreciated. Neither did we put annoying co-workers or financial struggle on our wish list.  Still, the reason why those unwanted things are in our lives, is because we have given them, our attention. When we give our attention to something, our reaction to it activates a vibration within us that the Law of Attraction responds to.  So, giving our attention to something is the equivalent of asking, which is the first step of creation.

So, knowing that we attract what we give our attention to, we’d be better off giving our attention to what we want.  Engaging in conversation is also a way of focusing on something.  Let me create a scenario as an example.

You are a real estate agent, and you are sick of working with what people in the office call “losers”. These are the kind of buyers who have been looking for years.  They feel that if it takes them another three to find the perfect house, so be it.  Anyway, they enjoy going out in your car every weekend.

“Those two houses that have just come on the market,” they call and ask you.   “Can we see them around noon?  What?  Yeah, I know that’s only an hour from now, but we would really like to see them because they are close to a friend’s house we are visiting.  What? Oh yeah, they are above our price range. But hey, you never know.”

You are fed up with these people (granted, not without reason), they’ve run you ragged, they think you are a tour guide.  You share your frustration with a colleague who’s also been there and she can sympathize.  As a matter of fact, since you are on the subject, she has her own list of complaints that she wants to share with you.

“On the other hand, you-know-who makes deals left, right and center. She’s always getting referrals from people.  She’s so full of herself; she walks into the office behaving like she is a princess or something. Bitch.”

Well, that kind of thinking and talking is not going to get you the buyers you want, ever!

Mutual commiseration-bitching-societies make matters even worse.

Remember, putting all your attention on the exact opposite of what you want, as far as the Law of Attraction is concerned is the same as asking for it.

So, if the ready, able and willing buyers are what you’re after, you had better change your tune.  Here’s one.

“I like the kind of buyers that X. has.  You know, she must be really good because her clients refer her to their friends.  It’s great to see how happily she saunters back into the office after another successful showing.  You can tell she is enjoying it and I admire her attitude.”

See the difference?   Joining a mutual-appreciation society will help too.

Oh, one word about buying real estate, when you see a house you like, buy it, don’t worry about what else might be coming on next week, or next month, or you’ll never do it.  Or it’ll take you years, and you won’t actually enjoy it.  You’ll have put yourself in a holding pattern as far as the Law of Attraction is concerned.  And guess what: in a few years you can move again, people do it all the time, it’s fun actually.

And one last thing, the price of a house is not an exact science, as long as the house you are going for is within your ballpark, you’ll be fine.   Be fair, don’t nickel and dime the seller.  The Law of Attraction will take care of you when it is your time to sell.

Hope this helps.

See you tomorrow

Your friend,


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