Taking stock

Taking stock


It’s been about seven weeks since I saw the Abraham-Hicks YouTube video on my Facebook’s wall one Monday morning.  I was on the verge of depression at the time and that short video was like a catalyst that helped me pull away from the downward spiral.

How that developed into “Living Abraham-Hicks – Learning how the Law of Attraction works, and how to work with it,” is documented in the first six postings of this blog.

You may well ask what the Law of Attraction has to do with the depression, and wouldn’t a course of antidepressant be more sensible?  Maybe.  I have taken them before and I have nothing against them.  But I saw that listening and reading Abraham-Hicks words brought me relief.  Perhaps, I thought, antidepressants aren’t the only way.

In the last few weeks I have seen that I can stop a feeling of unease from spiraling into something more serious by immediately reaching for a thought that feels better.  I can feel my way out of a dangerous spot.

Learning that bad feeling emotions are born from not being in alignment with Source has been particularly helpful for me, because it resonates with my spiritual sensibilities.

Well-Being comes from being in alignment with Source from which all abundance flows.

This is a vibrational Universe governed by the Law of Attraction, and to work cooperatively with the Law of Attraction, we have to be connected to our higher Self, to Source.  The “by product” of that is that our life experience is a happy one, as a result, we then attract more happiness into our life.

I choose what I pay attention to, and what to ignore (most of the time).  I make an effort to find a positive aspect in every the situation. I am happier now than I was at the beginning of September.  I still get bad moments but I can help myself feel fetter.  I take responsibility for the way I feel, and I accept that it is up to me to create the life I want.  A renewed feeling of well-being has trickled down the whole family, everyone seems more upbeat.  Both my husband and I feel that our lives are ours again, and that is a wonderful, empowering feeling.

Well-being spills onto everything, even when I’m out shopping.

“It looks good doesn’t it?” said a woman next to me as she filled a bag full with big fat ears of corn.  “We had some the other night, it was so sweet,” she chatted on happily.

Such a silly little thing really, but it filled me with joy.

Oh, and another really silly thing.  I’ve always found it infuriating that after loading their shopping into their cars, people just leave their carts in other people’s way and drive off.  A couple of weeks ago after shopping at Trader Joe, I saw two carts near my car.

“Isn’t it nice,” I thought.  “That whoever left them there, made sure that I had enough room to get out without scratching the car.”

And guess what, the other day I went to Stew Leonard.  I parked the car, got out and… I couldn’t believe my eyes; a woman was collecting stray carts from around where I had parked and pushing them into a corral.  No, she didn’t work there; she was a regular shopper like me.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I have gone down a whole size.  I have more energy and I get a lot more done these days, and I have gone back to writing.  And the blog has had over a thousand hits in only two weeks.

So, all in all I’d say that it’s been good so far, and I expect that it’ll get even better.

See you tomorrow

Your friend,



  1. Congratulations on your first two successful weeks of living Abraham-Hicks! I really admire your ability to stick to it and post every day. I am still trying to do that myself, but I guess beating myself up over not writing when I know I should be won’t help matters, either, will it? Regardless, congratulations again! Wishing you many happy moments ahead!

  2. Dearest Success,

    Such good, positive thoughts to be reading!! You write: “I can stop a feeling of unease from spiraling into something more serious by immediately reaching for a thought that feels better.” This is so helpful, and I know it’s true, because it always works when I try it. We have more choices than we realize; to a great extent, we can choose how we feel, moment by moment. Thank you for reminding me!!!



    • Ellen, thank you to you too. Now I know that I am not making it up. Lets all get in there and get the hang of creating joy. 🙂

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