DAY 16 – The far-reaching effects of reducing our negativity footprint.

Good News Broadcasting

Good News Broadcasting


“… if you have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, this Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it unto you…”

I copied this quote from one of Abraham-Hicks’ books in one of my notebooks.

Re-reading it now, I find myself thinking again about what I wrote yesterday.  And the more I think about it, the more I believe “…that starting with all the news channels, Congress and the White House, we should spend one day (to start with) speaking only of what is good in the world.  We should look for things to appreciate and write lists of all the positive things that we can think of…” Such a day would measurably reduce the pollution on our consciousness; it would lessen the negativity footprint on the environment.

Can you imagine how the bipartisan example of everyone being nice to each other, and only having good things to say about the President and everyone else would trickle down the steps of Capitol and spread to the rest of the Country and beyond?  Can you imagine turning on the television, to find that all the news channel are reporting uplifting stories from around the world.  Instead of reporting from the field wearing bulletproof vests, the likes of Anderson Cooper, Christane Amanpour, Geraldo Rivera and others would wear cheerful, flowery organic tops.  With no reporting such as the latest flu strain on the “market,” the rate of psychosomatic symptoms would dramatically drop and people’s natural immunity would be restored.

Correspondents would be dispatched far and wide to find inspirational stories like, how a young child’s dream of friendship with the children of his/her parents’ enemy came true. The Peace Prize For Reporting would be awarded to the network that reports the most good news stories in the allotted time. I can imagine how before long, people all over the Country would be tripping over themselves to talk appreciatively about anything and everything.  Before you knew it country after country would follow suit.

And do you know?  It could very well be that without firing a bullet, without even a cross word, there might be Peace in the world.

What do you think of this idea?

I am thinking about it, I am imagining it, I am scripting about it,  and I am putting it out there.

Who knows who will read this, who knows what they’ll make of it, who knows that one day we mightn’t wake up to a smiling world?

Let me close with today’s quote from Abraham-Hicks:

“You don’t have to take the bad with the good. Why include the bad in the

vibration? Only include the good in the vibration, and then only the good

can come to you.”

Take care,

Your friend,

Success 🙂

14 thoughts on “DAY 16 – The far-reaching effects of reducing our negativity footprint.

  1. Yes, I agree that a positive approach to life would have a healthy effect. Doing this one day a week is a great idea! We need to begin to start, to see life’s issues/problems/chalenges – as possibilities!!

  2. PS: I like your reference about our ‘negativity footprint on the environment’.

    PPS: A question – Does ‘a child’s dream of friendship with the children of his/her parents’ enemy came true’ refer to an actual account?

  3. As always, you write so well!
    I always value and believe in positive thinking.In fact from 2003 onwards I stopped watching TV news. I would go one step forward. How about going to and watching their videos/reading empowering articles. As Jim Rohn says-Work on yourself harder than your job. A job will make you a living and working on yourself will make you a fortune!

  4. Loved the idea of positive news channel. Just in case you haven’t seen it in the UK we have positive news:
    I can’t remember the exact quote but I’m sure Abraham’s message is that there is nothing wrong with the world, it doesn’t need saving or fixing. There is no such thing as an absolute right or a wrong, the purpose of the buffet of diversity is to provide a contrasting environment which we can sift through and launch new rockets of desire. To me that means that I should be grateful for the contrast shown to me in the world and how it clarifies to me what I really want. It also means to me that I don’t need to make the whole world think positive thoughts to cleanse our “negative footprint” that’s the same as a person wanting everyone to be a Christian or a Vegetarian or a pacifist. I trust that everyone is a leading edge creator, my job is to stay in my vortex and allow the force that creates worlds to be welcome in my life. And if I prove that Abraham is correct and that is the best way of manifesting my dream life then people will take note and ask me how I’ve done it and then the opportunity to get them on the positive cycle band wagon is there. What do you reckon?

  5. And, oh yes, it could be AN OVER AND BEYOND DAY, where I propose that everybody goes over and beyond to help someone, be nicer, more kind, etc, do more random acts of kindness..can you imagine school children making posters about it and the news headlines announcing it….when is Andrew’s b’day? Maybe that is the day to do it. Prayers for you. I hope we speak very soon. Patricia

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