Winning the lottery

Winning the lottery


Another thing I’ve been doing lately, is watching Oprah at least once a week.  It must have been the Law of Attraction in action that made me watch it yesterday.  For, after interviewing two of Michael Jackson’s brothers after the premiere of This is it (I hope to see it this week-end), Oprah went on to interview people who had won the lottery.

What an upbeat show.  I loved watching the replay of the scene of the man who had won a million dollars.  As Oprah said, when he realized he’d won, he jumped so high that he looked as though he had left his body.  On his way to Chicago to be on Oprah, this sweet man was hit by a golf cart at the airport and ended up in hospital.  But even the broken arm didn’t dampen his high spirit.

I’m with you baby,” I thought, imagining myself wearing the same ear-to-ear smile he had on his face, if I’d won a million dollars.

Then there was the woman who won the million-dollar jackpot in Deal Or No Deal. She was laughing all the way to the bank.  She could hardly stay in her seat, or string two words together without bursting into hoots of laughter.   Poignant for me was the scene where, upon receiving a million dollar check from the Publishers clearing house, a man took the for sale sign outside his house, and with the force of all his pent up emotions stuck it into the garbage!

And what about the school principal – now retired – who won the four and half million-dollar lotto jackpot?  Didn’t you love the way he laughed?  I did.  He was infectious; just looking at him I too was laughing like an idiot.

Watching and listening to him, I realized that this man had won the lottery because he had had every intention of winning.  And what’s more, his attitude and expectations are such that he might win it again.

I have bought lottery tickets in my life, haven’t you?  But there has always been something, an accompanying elseness that has gone with the buying.  A deep down disbelief that such a wonderful thing could happen to me.  And… that maybe it is wrong to “waste” money on lottery tickets, or that with millions in my account; I wouldn’t enjoy the things that that money could buy because it would be too easy.

Does that make sense to you?

I was driving to the city with my husband the other day.  The drive was the perfect opportunity for some homework, and I slipped the CD that accompanies The Astonishing Power of Emotions, into the CD player.  Abraham says that most of us put our raft in the water pointing it upstream.  In other words, most of us believe that to get what we want we have to struggle, and if we don’t, if it is too easy to get what we want, we probably won’t enjoy the rewards.

Aha,” I thought.  “That’s me with the lottery, and with a lot of other things for that matter.  And I know that, whether he knows it or not, my husband feels the same.”

But, after watching this show, I felt ready to win.  By the time the man from the publishers clearing house drove onto the set with his van, and gave one lucky woman $25,000 and everyone else $500, I was jumping up and down as if I was one of the lucky winners.  When at the of the show, Oprah told the audience to go to for information on the publishers clearing house search and win, I could hardly wait for her to finish talking.  Rearing to go win myself a big prize, I dashed to my laptop, threw it open and… yeah, I am registeredI am so excited! And as soon as I am dressed I’m out the door and on my way to my local gas station to buy a ticket for the mega and one for the lotto and you know the motto; you never know!

Bye for now, from this-soon-to-be LOTTERY WINNER!

3 thoughts on “DAY 18 – WINNING THE LOTTERY

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