Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect


When will you back?” I asked my husband.

It depends on the traffic,” he said.  “It’s been horrendous all week.”

“Don’t say that,” I cautioned him.  “Or bad traffic is what you’ll get.”

“I understand,” he said.  “But one has to be realistic. With Obama at the UN, the traffic is bad in Manhattan.”

That brief exchange with my husband is an example of how a lot of people who know about Law of Attraction, think that it applies to some things, or some circumstances, but not others.

I have observed that it is easier for people to believe in the Law of Attraction, when they have the majority of what they want in their life. Then they agree that the Law of Attraction is amazing, powerful and they wouldn’t have got the house they wanted otherwise.

A friend called me a few days ago, asking me to teach her to cook.

We can go shopping together,” she said.  “Afterwards we go to your house and cook side by side, and then I take my food home.”

I was in the midst of writing when she called, and with nothing simmering on the stove despite it being close to dinnertime, I thought of how nice it would be to have someone other than myself, prepare the family meals while I write.

We’ll do it one weekend,” I said.  “You tell me what you would like us to cook, and I’ll tell you what you need to get.  Then we go to your house and cook.”

My friend is an enthusiastic Law of Attraction “student” and we chatted on a for a few minutes, sharing with each other how much progress we had both made in our personal lives, since coming across Abraham-Hicks’ teachings.

But there is one thing I have a problem with,” she said.

She couldn’t see how anyone could have possibly attracted a car accident, a serious illness, or lost a loved one.  No stranger to loss myself ; I was a bit lost for words.

Still, Abraham describes life as a flowing river that cannot be turned off and on, and

if the Law of Attraction governs the Universe, it stands to reason that it governs everything, all the time.

Not being able to blame fate, circumstances, bad luck or bad people is certainly unsettling.  But taking responsibility for the “bad” in our lives should not be equated with blame.  On the contrary, I see it as meaning that knowing how to, we can master the art of creating what we do want.

Which brings me to my next point.  Do you remember that a few days ago I was talking about winning the lottery?  Well, I am happy to tell you that I have won the lottery!

When my husband and I checked the numbers yesterday morning, we were thrilled to see that we had got……… three out the six numbers!

Oh, did I give you the impression that we had won the jackpot?

Ah well, that’s where mastering the art of attracting comes in.

Happy practicing.

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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