Andrew and Nova together at the Windflower Ball in October 2008


Gosh. This is so damn hard Andrew, but at the same time, I feel ready to speak to you from every fibre of my being. More importantly, I know you can hear me.

I’m not going to wax lyrical about the journey I took to get to this point, but please know that your place in my heart remains intact and that you can always count on me to be here for your parents as well as your sister and brother.  It is not going to be easy, but we all have each other.

The last 19 days have been spent living with you in my head. I came out smiling, Just as I always do when I see you.

I can’t really explain why I suddenly feel free and strong again, only that it is linked to all the memories I have of you and the one realisation that you knew how loved you were by us all.

Parents like your mother and father are rare. Their children are their heart. I know that because I witnessed it unconditionally over the past 15 years and I was also lucky enough to have similar parents. I recognised the signs whenever I looked into your eyes, I recognised the signs in your laughter, the way you carried yourself and your confidence. Most of all , I recognised the signs when we all sat together eating and talking and just being ourselves. That only comes with being loved.

I’ll be visiting you soon on the back of a Harley to remind you that we are here and that our love for you will remain constant and real. Always and forever.

Thank you for being you Andrew,  I would not have wanted it any other way.

Love is indeed a many splendid thing.

Es, Hugh, Florentina and Robert- See you in Saint Lucia darlings !.

It ain’t over, until the fat lady sings.


Nova has been a dearest friend since the first day we met At Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair London in 1981, where Nova, my husband and I worked.  All my children have come to adore her.  When Andrew graduated from High School, Nova gave him a made-to-order laptop for college and Andrew said that one day he would take her for a ride on a Porsche or maybe it was a Harley Davidson.

Friends like you are rare, dearest Nova.  I am comforted knowing that you are there and knowing that you understand our wonderful Andrew so well now, as you did when he was physically with us. God Bless you always, can’t wait to see you.



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