From the NYU student who organized the Vigil in Washington Square


Vigil in Washington Square



Dear Esmeralda,

I am touched that you came to the park for our ceremony. My intention in

bringing people together to honor and remember Andrew was primarily so that you

could see the response, so that you would know the community cared. I could not

bear to walk through the library for days after Andrew’s death, and even now I

want to close my eyes when I cross the floor, blocking out my mind’s picture of

what happened there. Every morning that I go to class there, I can’t help but

wonder whether I’m in the same elevator that he was. I didn’t think it was right

for there to be business as usual when something so profound had just happened,

something that immediately affected all of us students, but that we had no way

to deal with. We needed a way to acknowledge what happened, and to show you and

the rest of Andrew’s family and friends that even in one of the biggest schools

in one of the biggest cities in America, people who don’t even know Andrew are

impacted greatly by his loss, and are able to respect the tragedy that occurred.



I live directly in between Coral Towers, where Andrew lived, and Alumni Hall,

where I believe your daughter works. I know I walk the same streets as your

children, and I think of them constantly. I agree with you that Andrew’s death should be

the beginning of hope for others to reach out and get help. Please take care of

yourself and your family, and remember that Andrew is gone from you only in a

material way. I hope you are surrounded by close friends and family tomorrow and

that you are able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, knowing that Andrew would

wish for you the most warm, wonderful celebration.


I sincerely hope that I can be of help to you in some way, please don’t hesitate

to let me know if there is even the smallest thing. My heart was so heavy seeing

you place your flowers down in the park, but it is lighter now as I read what

you have written over the past couple of weeks and I am confident that you are

strong and will continue to be strong for Andrew’s sake.


With all my good wishes,


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