3 thoughts on “I just want to crawl into a hole and feel NOTHING!

  1. I’m here in support. thank you for sharing your journey through this unspeakable pain. sending empowering energy. or comforting energy — if you need to crawl up and be weak for weeks and months: this needs to be allowed to happen. please try to let all this float through you. you can do it. you can go through this desert.


  2. Many find some relief through the compassionate friends resource. Those who have lost a child (or sibling), and those who are friends or family of a grieving family, will benefit from viewing the video “When a Child Dies.” It can be viewed on their website. The Compassionate Friends motto is “We need not walk alone” They have a facebook link there too. On December 13, 2009, Compassionate Friends Worldwide light candles at 7 pm. to remember children who have died at any age from any cause. I will light a candle for your Andrew. I’m sorry to your entire family for your profound loss.

    • Thank you. I light a few candles every day, and I’ll definitely light one to join all the others on December 13th. Thank you also for the information about compasionate friends. God Bless.

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