One Month Today

One month today!  No hysterical screaming and shouting this morning.  All is quiet in the house.  I don’t know which is worse, this morning or that morning?  That I should even ask myself the question, shows how lost I am.  My insides feel as though in the grip of a tight fist.  How can I distract myself when I can barely get out of bed?  But I must and I tell myself that this too shall pass. And I am up now.  And I pray for the day when I look at my two children and not see sorrow  etched on their faces.  I pray for the day when my husband and I find peace.  And one day, we’ll all be together again.


2 thoughts on “One Month Today

  1. Hi Esmeralda–I seem to have gotten the email wrong (though it isn’t complicate”d). Anyhow, here is the URL for the video. It’s called “Symphony of Science: We’re all connected”


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