This week’s concert in Andrew’s Memory

The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker St, Manhattan NY 10012

Greg Petronzi of IPPAZZI, is a friend of the family, more like another one of our children, so much so that he was like an older brother to my son Andrew. His band has generously come together to hold a concert in Andrew’s memory this coming Saturday, December 12th at The Bitter End on Bleecker Street in Manhattan at 9 pm.

As most of you know, my son Andrew died last month. He jumped from the 10th floor of the Bobst Library at NYU where he was studying for his East Asian Studies Major.

I am not going to sweep  how he died under the carpet any more than a mother who lost a child to cancer or any other illness would.  On the contrary, I intend to do what I can to bring more and more light onto this subject. I intend to push for a conversation in society that addresses this issue.

As we have all witnessed, these are times of enormous change at EVERY level, the old paradigms are being replaced by new ones and we can all be willing participants in the ushering in of new, innovative perspectives.

The ever growing responses to my postings and to Sunday’s article, and the private emails I receive, show a growing AND groaning need to bring this painful subject into the open.  I know of at least two cases already, where two young people have been saved because of Andrew and of a handful of others who have reached out to me and we were able to alert the relevant people.

You could also just come to the concert, have a few drinks, listen to music, say hi to people and contribute to making it a full house event.

Thank you,

Love from Andrew’s family


For the article please go to:  and search “williamson-noble”

The Bitter End on Bleecker where Andrew's concert will be held

3 thoughts on “This week’s concert in Andrew’s Memory

  1. Andrew was frequently at my shows at the bitter end. He seemed to like this venue. At one of the last shows i had there he brought me a ring that i left at the house for some time.

    While i was on stage setting up, he called out from the side of the stage standing there with his arm extended… and my ring in his hand. I had almost forgotten that I had left it in the house all together. He had this “classically Andrew” wry smile on. I took the ring and said “thanks so much bud… now iv got my mojo and can play the show”

    I would often sneak him past the door without paying by having him carry some equipment. He would also come out with us afterwords to panchitos. I always loved having him at these shows. I hope to play Saturday’s concert in his memory as well as he deserves it to be.

  2. Oh Greg………..I wish he was there carrying some equipment and enjoying the show with us.
    Oh Andrrew…. where is your wry smile now?

    • Oh Greg………..I wish he was there carrying some equipment and enjoying the show with us.
      Oh Andrrew…. where is your wry smile now?


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