The Andrew Williamson-Noble Fencing Spirit Award

I was, I am, deeply touched by the following email that I received from Andrew’s old fencing coach.
I can just imagine his reaction at being told that this fencing season is being dedicated to him and a fencing award will be given in his honor. Andrew would be incredulous, he would blush, he would be deeply moved and he would be speechless:

“Esmeralda – Kathleen ∧ I hope to be there (the concert tomorrow, Saturday, in Andrew’s memory).

If you are in agreement, The WestRock Division would like to dedicate the season to Andrew. With your approval we would sponsor a Spirit Award to a boy & and girl in each League school (Ardsley, Irvington, Clarkstown, Nyack, Lourdes) The award would be voted on by team members & and finalized by Coaches. It would go to an individual with at least 2 years fencing on the team, who displays Andrew’s qualities of leadership, sportsmanship and a love for fencing. We would present the awards at the final League tournament on Saturday January 30th at Ardsley High School.

There would be a plaque engraved “Andrew Williamson-Noble Spirit Award” and a check for each recipient.

This is a rough outline but I would like your OK before proceeding.

With Love for Andrew, Diane Reckling”

Well, MY DEAREST Andrew, congratulations, you know you deserve it! I only wish I could be with Daddy and Robert sitting at the side lines as we used to do and be the typically annoying mother who stood up to bragg every time it was your turn to fence while daddy filmed the whole thing. I loved (and so did you) how thrown your opponents were by your left hand. By the time they adjusted to it, the bout was over and you had won!



2 thoughts on “The Andrew Williamson-Noble Fencing Spirit Award

  1. Mrs. Williams-Noble,
    I only received word about Andrew’s death late yesterday, and I have to say how shocked I am. I only knew him while he was at Drexel, but every time that I was with him he was always cheerful and fun to be around.
    It’s been almost a day since I first heard the news, and I still can’t believe that this is real. In the short year that I knew him, I never once saw anything but happiness from him.
    I don’t know if his thoughts had drifted while he was at Drexel, or if something occurred while at NYU, but I never would of seen this coming.
    I wish you and your family the best, and I hope that I will be able to make the trip up to New York tomorrow night from Philadelphia for the concert.

    Spencer Dustin

    • Dear Spencer, thank you for your email. It is always lovely to hear from Andrew’s friends, and it is good to hear that he was happy. None of us can believe that he has gone. Every moment of the day I think that he still with us because the images of him in my mind are so vivid and real… and yet.
      I do hope that you’ll be able to come to the concert, I really do. It is very cold in New York, you must dress warmly.
      Andrew’s mummy,

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