A few of us crowding around Andrew's poster outside the Bitter End

Last night; what a great evening, what a great turn-out.
Thank you to Greg Petronzi and the other members of the band and thank you to all the wonderful friends who came and helped make it a great evening in Andrew’s memory.
Of course there were moments when I (my husband and Andrew’s brother and sister) cried that he wasn’t there. When I looked at the beautiful poster of Andrew with his sister that had pride of place on the stage I wished and wished that it was him in flesh and blood instead, but…
But I knew that he was there. And I know that he is here and always will be.
But Tig, a REAL hug would be SO nice.

Pictures and songs will be up as soon as… well soon I hope


2 thoughts on “Thank You IPPAZZI

  1. Was a wonderful evening and certainly one of my better shows! Im glad i was able to pay tribute to Andrew in my own way and share it with so many people. Dont worry, videos and pictures coming soon.

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