Email From Amritapuri

This view from my room at the Ashram is of Kerala's backwaters

This email is from a dear friend I made when in 2006, I spent the month of August at Amritapuri, Amma’s Ashram in Kerala, Southern India. I find her words comforting and I’ve decided it post it here.

Thank you dear friend.

“Love, Andrew was there when I came for dinner, we spent all evening together, all the kids were there. All three of them are beautiful.
He is around you, holding you in his heart..You will always be Andrew’s Mommie.
Just remember to talk to him and he will be there. Don’t try to forget or remember. Just hold the special love and bond and feel him there. I love you
guys, wish I could take this pain away from you all, but God is there.
Baby the kids need you to hold them close and heal their pain.
You are the bountiful Mommie to very beautiful kids Esmeralda. Hug Hugh and the kids hard from me.
LOve you all ..”
Poonam Chawla


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