Off to pack Andrew’s dorm today

My husband, Nova, Robert, Andrew and I with Florentina taking this picture of a happier end of year

It is the last day of the year. Time’s up. We have to empty Andrew’s dorm. We’ll no longer be able to pretend he is not here because he’s there.
I am having the worst time ever, even my body is breaking out in rashes, eczema, all things I’ve never had before.
I dreamed of Andrew last night. I asked him to stay longer to speak to me but he didn’t.
When tomorrow is over, the new year will be in. Andrew will not be part of it.
Well, If you really think that, you are out of your mind. I am not going to STFU and my son will NEVER be left behind, wherever I go, he goes. We have work to do. Anyway this is all I can manage for now. Oh, one more thing, Thank you Terri, Freddie and Frank for coming with us to help. Couldn’t face it just by ourselves.
Love to everyone from Andrew’s Mummy

Oh Dear, it has started to snow. What a miserable day in every way. Another day, another time, if would be toboggans coming out not boxes and suitcases. There would be laughing, not crying.
Oh Andrew, why, why????????? I cannot let you go, I will NOT let you, you are going to stay right here with me.


2 thoughts on “Off to pack Andrew’s dorm today

  1. Dear Sweet Family – Thinking about you today . . . sending you strength and love. May you always feel love’s grace.
    Ana Maria

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