Giving the Law of Attraction a Helping Hand

I am trying to go back to the basics of the Law of Attraction to help retrieve myself from the black hole I’ve fallen into.
According to the Law of Attraction being able to find something, anything positive in any situation, will help us to gradually attract more and more positive thoughts and situations into our experience.
“I just don’t know how to think of anything positive about what has happened,” I explained to a friend last night.
“Maybe you can concentrate on something else, when you go to sleep for instance, try to make yourself become aware of how comfortable your bed is. Do the same when you wake.”
I smiled, how many times I have given that advice to others. Still, I try. I really try with all my heart and mind to find even tiny specks of something nice to focus on. It works for a second, still, I suppose that even seconds can become minutes and minutes hours..
I have received private emails from people telling me that my writing on this blog helps them.
“Keep writing, I read you every day,” I often hear.
And this is why, after trying all morning to get up and reach my laptop, I am finally here at almost half past eleven. I’ve still to wash and get dressed. Figure out what to do about dinner and fight the urge to crawl back into bed, Andrew’s. Yes, lately, whenever something inside me threatens to rupture, I take refuge in Andrew’s room. Snuggled up under his favorite throw, the one that covered the spare bed in his dorm, with Bruno the Teddy bear wrapped in the only scarf that Andrew wore (I knitted it), eventually I calm down, relax and often doze off.
In a little while though, I am going to see my doctor. I want to give the Law of Attraction a helping hand. I am doing my best, but I need help.


4 thoughts on “Giving the Law of Attraction a Helping Hand

  1. To The Williamson-Noble family,
    My name is Siena and I go to The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry. I am writing to you as I have heard of the horrible tragedy that your family has had to endure. News of Andrew’s death had a great impact on me. Although I did not know him personally, I felt close to him just through the closeness of Irvington and NYC. I grew up in Irvington and lived there until 2008, afterwards I moved to the city. My brother was in the same graduating class as Andrew, and my older brother knew your daughter. My mother knows Esmeralda for her powerful and admirable work getting the word out about SIDS. After hearing about Andrew I was overcome with grief for Andrew, your friends, and above all your family. It was all I could think about for days, such a beautiful young man gone and now a beautiful family that is forced to see his undeniably kind spirit disappear right from their eyes. I felt that everybody I knew needed to understand this tragedy, to hear about it and recognize that suicide is a growing problem. I write for my school newspaper, Tower, and I wrote an article about the increase in suicide on college campuses that was published in last months issue. I thought I would let you know that it had a large impact – I was approached by many people who expressed their sadness and sorrow for your family. If you would like to contact me or have me send you a copy of the article please let me know. Also, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. My love and support is with you.


    • Dearest Siena, how wonderful to hear from you. I am deeply touched by your kind words about Andrew, who was truly an amazing being, and by your kind words for my all family. I would indeed be interested in reading a copy of your article and also to find out what data you have on the rise of campus’s suicide. Have you and you peers come up with ideas as to what may be the cause?
      Andrew’s Mummy

  2. It is wonderful how your blog is reaching out to all ages … there must be a way to make it global.

    A propos of nothing very much, when Tigs was here and working at the Safari Park he found a small Celtic cross in the Park. He gave it to me with some mumbled words like “I don’t know if you like this sort of thing” – you know, one of Tigger’s self-effacing mutterings!. Not sure he approved of the symbolism but he thought I might. It’s really lovely – a piece of tin with green glass, no intrinsic value – but I treasured it before his death and tended to carry it in my bag. Now I’ve bought a proper silver chain and wear it everyday so that when I’m in the office and a sad thought of Tigs comes I can press it to my chest. And it stays by my bedside at night. Silly, but it makes me feel closer to him and I somehow think he knows.

    There are still times when it all seems so horribly unreal – I guess that’s a luxury I have being so far away.

    All my love to you all and keep getting stronger. You are all fabulous!

    N x

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