I was very interested to read that in an interview with the NY Times on December 31st; when asked what he thought would make the City better, Russell Simmons said: “Meditation and quiet time for kids in school.”
I’ve been wanting to suggest the same thing. Meditation would equip children (and anyone else who practices it) with self-knowledge. Self-knowledge brings control of the mind and the result would be a healthy mind and a healthy body. That is what Eastern literature tells us.
And I know it from personal experience too, for when I have been diligent in my meditation practice I have been well. Alas I don’t always practice what I preach and I suffer for it.
But if meditation and yoga are part of a person’s life from childhood, they become second nature.
These are times of great change, and we need to change with the times.


2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. The question is how to build this into the curriculum. Thought, philosophy and religion have seemingly been driven out of school with little to replace it but an ever greater search for the almighty buck. Perhaps within the health/bio framework.

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