Dearest Andrew

A true likeness of Bruno by Peter Sis

My handsome son Andrew

My handsome son Andrew

Dearest Andrew,
I think about you all the time. I miss you all the time.
I go into your room every morning, I pull up the blinds,
I look at your tidy bed and I remember when your head with your ton of hair lay on the pillows, and your six-foot long body reached the bottom of the bed.
Now, half a foot tall Bruno seems like a speck lying on your big empty bed. But his presence is big, imbued as your little bear is with a shared life time. Brave and stalwart as Bruno has always been, he cannot conceal that he too is heartbroken.
My darling, did you not know that we would have done anything for you? Did you not know that your heart was part of our hearts, and without it we are like a plane that’s lost one of its engines, and it is arduous to keep flying?
Awake or asleep, I look for you everywhere.

“Andrew, we want you back!”

7 thoughts on “Dearest Andrew

  1. Well, here is a thought. You can not do anything for him now, but what if he is able to see you now and see your pain?

    What if he is able to see you every time you collapse and what if he can see what effect that has on the family? Well, I would say that if he can “see” you or if he is on some level aware of what you are doing or feeling, then you have created a new hell for him. He will be filled with remorse and sadness. There is no way for him to make up for it or turn the clock back. So, if he can see you, perhaps you are punishing him every day. Every day that your sadness makes more people sad, he is punished.

    He chose to leave this world because he was in pain. I would think that, if he loved you all (and we know he did) he would want you to see you happy. I can only speak for myself, but to watch my mother suffer would be absolute agony for me. Unbearable sorrow.

    Your grief is enormous now; so are your thoughts of him. That means that you may be able (by the law of attraction) to attract his spirit and make it grieve with you.

    Is that what you want?

    • She is in mourning and in pain, how dare you make her feel guilty for mourning the loss of someone she loved with all her heart. Her family has lost someone special and valuable, and it is going to take time for them to grieve-to grieve for the person he was, and the person he could be. From her writing she loves her son very much, and you do not just get over the loss of someone.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your concern for my son, I do appreciate it. You obviously believe you care, and I would gladly trade places with you and give you the opportunity to show me how to do this appropriately. God Bless, Andrew’s Mummy

  2. I just want to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve. No one can take the place of your beloved son and do not let other people and their inablity to understand your pain get you down. There are people-even those who do not know you personally, who care about you and what you are going through, even if we can not understand the magnitude of your pain.

  3. Obviously no one should ever be told they cannot mourn for the loss of a loved one, or how they should mourn for and honor the person they loved so much. Mark W. is most cruel and unfeeling in his diatrible

  4. from what I know about my visiting a place that is on a different plane,(some call it heaven) beautiful, indescribable, feeling the greatest love I have ever felt in this universe, evertything is alive, speaks to me and is love! Anytime you presence a loved one – or talk about Andrew he is there with you. He is doing his best to send you love, and peace.
    From another experience I know that there is regret for leaving(sucide). Especially learning about the multitudes that were touched by their life here.

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