The Andrew Williamson-Noble Spirit Award

A Younger Fencing Andrew On The Lawn

The Andrew Williamson-Noble Spirit Award is sponsored by the Westchester-Rockland Division of the United States Fencing Association and is presented in memory of Andrew Williamson-Noble, captain of Irvington’s varsity team. Andrew was instrumental in starting the fencing program at Irvington, and he led his team to League Championship Titles in 2006 and 2007.
A plaque and $100 scholarship will be awarded to each recipient.

Fencing is a community, a place to belong regardless of background, age, ability or aspirations. The Andrew Williamson-Noble Spirit Award remembers the spirit and leadership of Andrew and recognizes those fencers who, as Andrew did, contribute to the sense of community and camaraderie on their team. The best leaders don’t just contribute wins; they are team players who promote unity and inspire excellence.

Recipients will be announced on January 30, 2010, at the final Super Saturday, and an awards ceremony will take place.

And that is where my family and I are going to be today, at the final fencing Super Saturday.
It is a bitter sweet day for us. We of course are proud that Andrew’s considerable talent, abilities and qualities are being so generously, spontaneously and publicly recognized in a community that treasured and loved him.
Of course we would rather have our Andrew with us, as he has been for twenty years and five months.

What could have happened to make such a talented, wonderful, warm, friendly, handsome, loving, and above all, loved child/young man, take his life?

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