Keeping The Conversation Going


I am very pleased with the enormous traction generated by my article: Suicide at Bobst, on the Huffington Post.
Some people agreed with my ideas about yoga and meditation, others didn’t, and others still were outraged; but that’s what a dialogue is about. I don’t expect everyone to agree, no. The point though is that at least people are engaged, that they care or feel strongly enough to take the time to make their views known.
The reaction to my article also proved that while people don’t talk about it, suicide is “big,” lurking beneath the surface but unreported. In fact, suicide is a subject that the media does not seem to like to talk about, unless it is the suicide of a celebrity, of someone famous.
But then the media covers what they know people want to hear. It is up to us to raise our voices and let them know that too many precious lives are lost to suicide, and a bit less talk about what this or that celebrity wears, or how much weight they’ve put on or lost, would be more helpful to society and would better justify the enormous paychecks they get.
Come on Larry King, Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer, etcetera, etcetera


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