Anyone Interested?

July 1999 On A Canal Holiday In England

I am not feeling well today. I have a slight fever and my throat feels… well I don’t how to better describe it other than to say that I am aware that it is there! I will not be going to yoga today, I will miss that.
But staying in bed, in my light filled bedroom, with the lovely view of the garden… well, it would be lovely if it wasn’t barren, but even so, now and then a squirrel comes into view, birds too, and should it snow, I’d have a prime view right from my bed.
I also have three framed pictures of Andrew, in my room. They are amongst my favorite of him, and they are positioned so that I can see at least one of them no matter which way I am lying.
I had planned to finally do some ironing today – you know how much I enjoy it, it’s like therapy –
but it doesn’t look as if today is going to work either. What I’ll do instead, here in bed, is go through some old picture albums. I must say, before the advent of digital cameras and being able to look at pictures on the computer; taking photographs, having them printed, waiting a few days before collecting them and finally being able to see them – was an event. Today’s immediacy is convenient, but….. as with all the apps (whatever they are) it cultivates reaction rather than patience and reflection.
Talking about patience and reflection is making me think about meditation. Since my article: A Suicide At Bobst, was published on the Huffington Post, I have received offers by certified meditation teachers, to teach a class or more if anyone is interested.
Are you interested? Please let me know.
And now I’ll look at some pictures.


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