Alexander McQueen, Death By Suicide

Alexander McQueen

I wrote another article that was published on the Huffington Post.  Here’s a snippet with a link:

Only days after my article, Suicide at Bobst, about my son Andrew Williamson-Noble’s suicide at NYU’s library, we learn that celebrated British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, has taken his life. Reports say that he was found in his flat…   READ MORE

2 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen, Death By Suicide

  1. First, let me say how very sorry I am over the death of your son, Andrew. I lost my dear,sweet dad to suicide exactly a year ago this week, so I’ve a special appreciation for the work that you’re doing and the particular grief that whipsaws survivors of suicide.

    Like you, I am left deeply saddened by the suicide of Alexander McQueen and how quickly his story has been swept to the bottom of the list of celebrity news. There are many more suicides than murders every year in this country and yet people are shocked when I tell them. There seems to be a “whistling past the graveyard” deniability. “This will surely never happen to me and it’s so depressing, lets talk about something else, okay?

    Like you, I was also surprised at the number of people that I knew who had a suicide in their immediate family. And the number of famous people: Sen. Harry Reid, Danielle Steel, Judy Collins, Mary Tyler Moore, who had suicides in their family. I was shocked, after reading countless books on the subject at how little the psychiatric world truly understands about suicide, or how to treat survivors.

    If you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to respond. This year has taught me much and I’d be glad to share what I know for sure.

    All the best to you, my friend.


    • Dear Deidre, I can imagine how hard his first one year anniversary must be. For us, as I am sure it was for you and for every survivor, first it was: 24 hours ago, a week today, one month today, two months today and so on. The first Holiday without and on and on, bloody hell, the list doesn’t seem to stop.
      I wish you strength, I wish all of us strength. Oh, and you could read the other article on the HP about my son and suicide.
      Take care, and please do keep in touch.
      Esmeralda – Andrew’s Mummy

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