On the Huffington Post: Cracking The Secret Part One – For Sale

I Wrote for the Huffington Post:

I had just come back from a month’s stay at my teacher’s ashram in India, when I first heard of the law of attraction. A friend came to my house one evening, with the DVD of The Secret, and we watched it together. I was… READ MORE


4 thoughts on “On the Huffington Post: Cracking The Secret Part One – For Sale

  1. Regrettably, “The Secret” and the entire “Abraham-Hicks” debaucle has been exposed for what it is, a dangerous cult.

    You are such an intelligent and caring woman who has so much to offer. You do not need to rely on cults to do your thinking for you.




    • I don’t where this cult idea comes from. You are obviously a caring and intelligent woman yourself, It is clear that you have your set ideas, after all that’s what freedom is about. Let us agree to disagree. Thank you for keeping up with all my posts. Esmeralda

  2. What a wonderful way to respond Esmeralda. The freedom to express is a wonderful thing!

    Generally, I keep what works for me.

    Early one morning, while driving my discontented, city bound, husband to the train – I thought of the people in my life who noticeably SMILE and I decided that I want to smile more. I want to project love and joy and goodness, not only to those I know, but to people I pass each day. When we arrived at the station, I smiled wide, kissed my husbands cheek, told him I loved him, and wished him a wonderful day. Afterwords, I went to the park for a walk. At the entrance, in the center of the walkway, was a small piece of paper. It was folded into a square. Inside someone drew a round face, two eyes, and a huge smile.

    I still have that tiny piece of paper. I taped it to my office desk, a reminder of what works for me. And its as simple as a smile!

    • Thank you. Indeed. And getting out of bed on the wrong foot is very different from getting up on the right foot. Smiling is very powerful, but here is the thing, even when I want to smile these days, it feels wrong.

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