From The Attending Physician At St. Vincent’s Hospital

A St. Vincent's Hospital Ambulance

Yesterday I received the following email. It is part of an email exchange with the young doctor; the attending physician at St. Vincent’s Hospital where Andrew was taken, following his jump from the 10th floor of Bobst, NYU’s library. Andrew died on impact and was declared: DOA; Dead On Arrival.
I am encouraged to have Dr. McCarthy’s endorsement of my suggestion of incorporating methods of self-awareness into the curriculum of our children.
Thank you Doctor McCarthy for your support. Thank you for your compassion, your understanding, and for the pain that you yourself felt that day; the day when Andrew died, even in my state, I saw it on your face.
Thank you for staying on even though your shift had long ended and there was nothing you could do. Thank you for caring, thank you for showing with your goodness that each life matters. Had Andrew been alive when he was brought to you, I know that he couldn’t have been in better or kinder hands. Other than his life, we couldn’t have asked for more.
Thank you,
Esmeralda, Andrew’s Mummy

Mrs. Williamson-Noble,

Thank you so much for sending me the link to your article. You, your
family, and of course Andrew have been in my thoughts and prayers
these past few months. Witnessing tradgedy such as your family has
experienced is without question the most difficult aspect of my
profession, and I will never forget the morning we spent together.

I read the article about you in the New York Times a few weeks back,
and I salute your initiative and drive in actively campaigning to
raise awareness and to prevent the tragedy Andrew experienced from
befalling others. Your Huffington Post article, and its suggestion of
incorporationg yoga, meditation, and other methods of increasing
self-knowledge was equally insightful.

The expectations and cultural limitations of our society do not promote
self-knowledge, and do not provide young adults with the toolset
needed to achieve it. Many young people in Andrew’s position lack
conscious awareness of their own pain until it has reached a
dangerously advanced stage. Your suggestion of incorporating methods
of self-awareness into the educational curriculum of our children would
help prevent many of the pitfalls of the teenage and young-adult
years, and would have a profound impact on the lives of countless
young people and their families.

I would consider it a great honor to help you in your efforts in any
way I can, and once again I thank you for reaching out to me. Please
convey my greeting and best wishes to your family. I look forward to
speaking again soon.

Chris McCarthy


6 thoughts on “From The Attending Physician At St. Vincent’s Hospital

  1. What an amazing doctor. And how wonderful, your note and his response. I wish I were wrong but doctors like him are few and far between.

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