And Then I Woke Up

Thirty-seven years-old David Threatt was born in Panama and raised in Oklahoma City, OK.
The divorced father of four children, David is now the owner of the successful
Hair Cafe, Salon and Barber Shop.
But this wasn’t always the case, for in 2003, seven years ago, David gave in to depression, which he refers to as Satan. Well, he almost gave in, he was very close to never having his Hair Cafe’or writing his book.
David is one of those people in America who attempts suicide every minute.

I met David at the Suicide Prevention Conference I attended last week. He told us then about his Book:
AND THEN I WOKE UPFrom Suicide To Success which is due to come out July 19th, seven years to the day of his attempted suicide. I asked David to let me post a short excerpt, to help me underscore what I have been making myself sore disputing over and over again, and that is:
“...If they are determined to kill themselves you can’t stop them…
As some of us on the “inside” know, the above is one of the most common and dangerous myths and misconceptions, surrounding suicide, one that we need to send packing A S A P !

So, without any further ado, here is:

From Suicide To Success
By: David A. Threatt

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a swimming pool, enjoying the hot summer day. All is going fine , when out of nowhere someone comes from behind and with all of their might pushes your head under water. You begin to struggle, kicking, and splashing water trying your best to knock their hand off so you can take a breath. Fighting and fighting with all you have until you’ve exhausted all of your energy. You begin to inhale water and lose oxygen by the seconds. The bright sun from that hot summer day now turns into the cold frozen waters of a winters dark moonlit night. Life begins its exit but with just enough energy for one last swing, you knock their hand off. Thrusting yourself to the surface before it’s to late. Inhaling life into your lungs like a newborn baby.
One day Satan took me for a little dip in the fiery pool of hell. He strategically convinced me to go for a swim. Once in, his grasp became stronger and stronger. In a coma he held me under for eleven hours. We fought, we wrestled, and with one last swing I was free Thrusting myself back to the surface for one more huge gasp of air……………..And Then I Woke Up
This is my story on how depression took control of my mind persuading me to quit on life. Throw in the towel as they say. I would have never thought that I would try to commit suicide. Not me! Yes you!
You remember that time when you lost the best job you ever had and you came home and the eviction notice was on the door. Your spouse left the “Dear John” letter on the mantle. You had no friends to call. School was getting the best of you. Maybe it was as simple as you were just tired of working, exhausted from the daily responsibilities of life, and you uttered the words I’m sick of this…. life shouldn’t be this hard…. I wish I wasn’t even here anymore. Although you may have only said these things out of anger, repeatedly said they become the building blocks to your suicidal experience.
Prayerfully this book will help you to understand how quickly random thoughts of suicide can become your reality. Also this book is to encourage those of you whom Satan convinced as well to take that little plunge and you made it out, to continue to hang in there. You are an over comer, life is still yours for the taking. Don’t give up There is life after a suicide attempt Through this book you will see that you don’t know what God has in store for you if you would just hold on. You never know what blessings are on around the corner.
To those of you who have lost a loved one to suicide my heart goes out to you as well. Keep your head up Although understandably hard, enjoy the great memories they left behind with you Cherish them for we all are only visitors here on earth simply passing through. I honor your loved one by writing this book. Their story is my story. Your family is my family.

PS. David tells me that if interested, you can purchase his book pre-sale, by logging on to:

Good Luck David and thank you for sharing.
Andrew’s Mummy


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