Dear Cameron

"The Candle Light Vigil For Cameron Dabaghi"

Yale - Students hold candle light vigil at Yale's Berkely Campus, in memory of their fallen fellow student, Cameron Dabaghi

This is not what I was going to write about today.
I was going to write more on the subject of flickering lights, and ” The CD.” In other words I was going to continue the conversation about ADC.
That was before I learned about Cameron Dabaghi.

Twenty one year-old Cameron, a Yale student from Austin, Texas, jumped from the observation deck of the Empire State Building at 6:30 pm on Tuesday. Rescue workers pronounced him dead on the scene.
Like Andrew, Cameron was a junior and an East Asian Studies major. I wonder if he too, spoke Mandarin.

I think of his parents, all the way in Texas, getting a phone call…
At least we weren’t far, imagine not being able to get into the car and drive “there” as quickly as possible.
But then… what for? What difference is it going to make whether you get there in an hour or ten?
I know from experience, the frantic rush, the urgency to get to the hospital…
Maybe it is because one associates hospitals with hope, with getting better. We visit people in hospital who are alive, we sit down with them and chat, we ask them how they feel. I myself was in hospital last summer, and Hugh and the children came to see me every day. They kissed me, I kissed them, we chatted, Hugh brought me a Latte one afternoon, I gave Andrew my hospital-issued orange juice carton, Robert played with a rubber glove, blowing it up until it looked like the crest of a chicken.

But when your son has jumped from the top of a building…

At least we had friends. Friends who drove us, friends in a car ahead of us, friends in a car behind us, friends who jumped in a taxi and met us there. Not to mention my daughter’s own entourage, there ahead of all of us.
Andrew was not alone, we were not alone.
Looking around, the ER doctor said that he’d never seen so many people…

Thinking of Cameron’s parents having to make their way on a plane, not for a happy occasion like parents day, or for Cameron’s graduation day; but to see him lying dead!
I wish I knew them, I wish I could have been there with my friends to meet them and support them.
I wish Cameron wasn’t dead. I wish Andrew wasn’t dead. I wish we still had their graduations to look forward to.
Dear Cameron’s Mummy and Daddy, I don’t know who you are and where you are, but I pray that you may sense and be comforted by the love and support that I, and hundreds of others are sending you.

And you, Dear Cameron… I can guess what courage it took to fight your demons. I can guess how many battles you fought AND won before…

You can rest now… dear, dear young friend.
All my love,
Andrew’s Mummy

PS – I commend Yale’s President and administrators for allowing their students to hold a candle light vigil on campus. Students need a safe place to get together and mourn, reflect, share, talk, pray, remember, laugh and cry. I commend Yale for recognizing the needs of the student body and for giving them the space and time they needed. I call on NYU’s President and NYU’s administrators to watch and learn from other, better advised universities.

8 thoughts on “Dear Cameron

  1. Esmeralda – My heart, like yours, was broken when I read about this tragedy last night.I ache from the bottom of my heart for Cameron’s family, classmates, teachers and friends. And I ache for everyone, like us, who knows at least much of what they must be feeling. Carla xox

    • Let us try to hold them in a circle of love in our thoughts, particularly as they deal with this tragedy away from home.
      I am thinking of contacting Yale and see how we can support his sister who is sophomore.

  2. E – I too was heart broken when I learned about this tragedy last night. I ache for Cameron’s family, friends, classmates and teachers. And I ache for those of us who know at least much of what they must be feeling now. I send them our prayers. Carla xo

  3. E – I too was heart broken when I learned about this tragedy last night. I ache for Cameron’s family, friends, classmates and teachers. And I ache for those of us who know at least much of what they must be feeling now. I send them our prayers. Carla xox

  4. “Dear Esmeralda, I noticed the similarities, too, and was hoping you were doing
    yoga on a beach in Fiji — far away from “the internets”. But I know that you
    are strong and grounded. Am really thinking that a trampoline for “test drives”
    should be available to college students.”


  5. When I saw the headlines in the paper I thought about you and how this news would affect you. I pulled out my phone to call you and tell you I was thinking about you and just wanted to say hi. But…guess what. I don’t have your number anymore so….while I’m writing this I just wanted to let you know, I was thinking about you that day and wanted to call and lift your spirits somehow…if possible.

  6. A little off the subject perhaps, but a plea for people to think about the ethics of buying cheap trampolines. Do try and consider, for example, the materials your item is made from, the human rights of the employees where they’re made and the ethics of the retailer. And try to recycle your trampoline instead of throwing away. Thanks!!!!

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