Get Your Wellness On

I came up with Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair, and while we were all trying to come up with something that “spoke” of Wellness, clearly inspired Florentina said:
Get Your Wellness On. So… how do you think this sounds?

"Florentina & I - Monday, April 9, 2010 - The 1st Fair Meeting"

Florentina & I - Monday, April 9, 2010 - The 1st Fair Meeting

Get Your Wellness On!
Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair

Last night we had the first planning committee meeting for the Fair. I am so excited. We have such a great Team. Shannon of Green Monkey Tales whose son Kerry died of suicide seven years ago. My husband, my daughter and I, Olga, a beautiful, lovely, special woman, suicide activist and yoga teacher. Meredith Henning from the AFSP – American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Meredith is… I love her, she is such an easy-going, smiling, can-do person; wonderful, wonderful. The inimitable Elizabeth, whom you all know from the Washington debrief. And sweet Chris, a friend of Shannon’s son.

'Elizabeth & Florentina"

Elizabeth & Florentina

"Yoga Olga (nickname) and Meredith"

Yoga Olga (nickname) and Meredith

So, having organized the whole thing, I was almost one hour late for our first meeting. But it was the FDR’s fault. Anyway, when Hugh and I finally got there, Florentina had taken the meeting in hand. When I asked her to bring Hugh and me up to speed, I was so… so… well… my vision of the Fair had been clearly translated on paper, it was written down in black and white. Florentina had made wonderful suggestions, practical and inspired suggestions, such as having a mood board, stress-busters (a team of students giving chair massages), to mention but a couple.

"Shannon & Hugh"

Shannon & Hugh

"Chris & Elizabeth"

Chris & Elizabeth

Olga will conduct Yoga classes and will talk about her own brush with suicide.
We will have a meditation inquiry table. There will be a memorial area where suicide survivors can display a photograph of their loved ones. Throughout the day there will be forums with suicide researchers, mental health workers, suicide survivors, holistic practitioners, the producers of the film My Suicide, politicians (we need their support) and more. The band IPPAZZI will perform for us and Greg Petronzi, the immensely talented band lead singer and composer, has promised to write a song especially for us, as has Akil Davis, one of the most inspired rappers I’ve ever met.
There are many details that need finalizing, but we have made a good start. We are applying for permits for Sunday September 18, from 12 to 6. Pencil it in your diary, but it still needs to be confirmed by the parks department.

Okay folks, please come forward if you can help with:

Publicity. We need help getting news coverage. Any PR person out there?
Friends in high places?
Graphic design and FREE printing
We are looking for donations of yoga mats,
Donations of food such as bagels, cream cheese, donuts, plastic cutlery and napkins
we need a sound systems
tents (for Yoga classes and in case it rains)
tables and chairs
and various miscellaneous.
And if we do end up having to rent tents, tables, chairs and a sound system, money is also welcome.
Meredith Henning of the AFSP is setting up a designated account and I can give you more details. All donations are of course tax-deductible.

So there you have it! I look forward to hearing from you please.

Get Your Wellness On
Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair
Founder & Committee Member

7 thoughts on “Get Your Wellness On

      • I will email you before replying…thanks for the invitation to participate…again…

        which you’ve already made clear that all your readers are invited to participate…

  1. Esmeralda,

    My family and I are available to volunteer. Sheila will help too I am sure. I can get others to help also. Of course, my mini-van can hold a lot. You are a true woman of action. I salute you and your family!!!


    • Christine,
      What can one say? Once again we have work to do! But I can do it because I am blessed by the likes of you. So let’s go get the mother fucker!
      Esmeralda and Family
      P.S. Please start spreading the word

    • Dave, The Fair will be in NYC, as soon as we have the permit secured, I will announce the location. Thank you so much for your help.
      Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to join us?

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