A Vision For The Future


No need to describe this picture

Reading a long, wonderful, suggestions packed email for the Fair from a survivor half a world away, I had a wonderful and powerful vision.

A – There is no reason why people from other States, indeed other countries, can’t help us organize this Fair.
Enquiries, sourcing, soliciting, donations, it can all be done over the internet. AND, can you imagine how much more potent our work will be? How strong our message?
Our press releases and PSAs can reflect the fact that although this first Fair will be held in Manhattan, it is nevertheless a Universal Fair, with committees world-wide.

B– The Get Your Wellness On!
Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair

will be held in other cities around the world until suicide leaves the room and our children and loved ones are safe.

Suicide cannot sneak in and win, not when we are all watching. Our sons, daughters and loved ones didn’t stand a chance fighting their battle on their own. But now we are taking up arms for those like our lost ones that need our help. They won’t have to be all alone on the battlefield for Wellness.

I look forward to hearing from all of you. Lives are at stake, some of you have the privilege of being able to do the work “before,” rather than “after” like me and others.

The Peaceful Warrior


6 thoughts on “A Vision For The Future

  1. You’ve got me all pumped up Esmeralda! so excited by the concept of UNIVERSAL – A BIG CIRCLE – it makes sense!

    I’ve posted your post on several of the suicide awareness facebook groups.

    Much love to you! xoMonkey ME

  2. Thank you. We are only getting started. Let’s keep talking, let’s do all the talking our children couldn’t do.

  3. Esmeralda, just to swap notes on what we are all doing. I know you think that suicide is the end of a road of struggle, battles, and that our sons and daughters are brave warriors who only lost at the end for lack of support. I agree. I’m interested in the early intervention approach to youth mental illness in particular the work of Pat McGorry in Australia. Here is a summary of this approach.
    Anyway, I understand this approach has had some influence in setting up early intervention in a number of countries including the US. In NZ it was behind the founding of a youth refuge in Auckland which sadly closed (temporarily I hope) due to withdrawal of funding under this current Government’s health cuts.
    A lot of my time is currently devoted to trying to get more funding for this work in NZ as I am sure that many of the young people who were able to live at this retreat (in the Titirangi bush near where I live) would not have survived otherwise.
    I think this is an important aspect of getting wellnesss on.

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