Don’t Forget: Get Your Wellness On

Robert is still sick, and now I am too.
My head is pounding, my throat is hurting, and I just have to lie down.
But you people out there, anyone not sick, don’t stop working on the Fair.
Dave, a wonderful father from New Zealand whose son died of suicide a few years ago, is giving us a hand all the way from there. Dave you are AMAZING, and we are grateful for being there, and for all you do for young people.
Your dedication and generosity of spirit, are inspiring. Thank you.

Hope to be better tomorrow
p.s. Don’t forget: Get Your Wellness On!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget: Get Your Wellness On

  1. Please take your temp and call yr. Dr. or nurse-line. These are serious symptoms. Can be nothing and can be lotsa stuff.Don’t ignore pounding head. Love ya, V

    • Nice to hear from you again 🙂 I can’t be TOO bad if I am back on the computer. Slept all day. But I keep having ideas for the Fair. I am trying to get one or two psychics to be there to do readings for families and also healers. All programs will be free to the public, so I am trying to get people to also not charge us, in exchange we’ll list them as sponsors. Feel free to come up with ideas (but then you have to try implementing them) Love, Esmeralda

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