Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair


Please sign up to help with the: Get Your Wellness On! Fair. Even if you don’t live in New York, you can still help. In fact, just to give you an example, so far, we have friends helping from Hawaii, New Zealand, Oregon, Oklahoma & San Francisco.

You can contact people, organizations…get quotes for T-shirts with the logo for the volunteers, look for donations of donuts to give out, water…

Do you have Media contacts?

Can you write press releases?

Do you have friends in high places?

Do you like doing research on the internet?

Can you get us free printing?

Can you get us a free banner made, with the Fair Logo?

We are looking for a donation of yoga mats for our classes in the park

We need reputable healers, psychics, massage therapist…

We need a tent

And we need money to cover the cost of what we can’t get for free.

Once we have the permit, and the date firmly set, we’ll have more information and more specific tasks.
As you know however, we have applied for a permit for September 18, 2010

Please leave your name and contact in the comment section of this page

And you can also come up with ideas and suggestions – I want to hear from you 🙂

Thank you,


7 thoughts on “Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair

  1. Hi Esmeralda,
    I can do research and make a cash donation. I’m in Orange County, California. Please feel free to contact me via email and I can elaborate.

    When I first began college, in 1974, I took a public speaking class. The first topic that I chose to speak on was suicide. I still have that paper and it would be interesting to see how the statistics have changed, or not. And though I have not been directly impacted by the loss of a family member by suicide, I’ve seen attempts and experienced the devastating aspects of suicide in those close to me. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t had suicide cross or devastate their path.

    I admire your courage and drive to understand and prevent this demon. A few days ago, I found myself speechless, yet wanting to respond to your post about your temporary loss of energy to continue with the fair when you are still trying to find some answer to “Why, why my Andrew? or Why Andrew?” I’m so sorry for your pain, I hear how unsettling it is and how sometimes it renders you immobilized. Yet here you are putting one foot in front of the other and rallying the troops. So here I am offering my small token of assistance.

    • BLESSINGS to YOU! Thank you so much. You know, it is people like you you keep me going, it really is. I and many others are grateful.
      I would love to see the paper, in fact why don’t we post it? I am sure that others would be interested.
      I will email you, and thank you again for your kindness and generosity. Orange County… Yeay!!!!!!!!!! Another dot on the map! 🙂
      I just thought of something, wouldn’t it be great to have at least one person from each State helping? Can you imagine how strong the message would be?
      Big hugs, Esmeralda

  2. I think that materials related to Dr. Robert Brooks’ work on resiliency, or having Dr. Brooks himself come and speak would be excellent. His work and writings really are at the core of most the issues we have been discussing here.

    I have no idea what he charges for speaking personally, but from his past calendars of speaking engagements, he will come to New York.

  3. contact the Urban Zen Foundation and see if they would be interested in getting on board. They have a lot of resources they may be able to help with yoga mats or send practitioners or offer some resources.


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