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If You Are Feeling Suicidal Or If You Need To Talk Please Call The National Helpline


As time goes on, I think of this blog more and more, as a community blog.
It started out as my journal. I was walking in the park one early September morning, smiling until my face hurt. I was smiling because I had literally talked myself out of what felt like the onset of depression.
Learning that everything gains momentum by virtue of the attention we give to it, I resolved to reduce the momentum that negative thoughts would create, by choosing to focus upon pleasant thoughts. Within a miraculously short period of time I felt a miraculous change taking place within, and without me. It was then that I dared myself achieve a certain set of goals, by learning every thing I could about the Law of Attraction and keep a journal of the endeavour, this blog.
Three weeks into this the venture, my beloved twenty year-old son, Andrew, took his life. Even so, I never let go of this laptop, hanging on to this keyboard for dear life.
As long as I can write, I told myself as early as the first day OAD – Of Andrew’s Death, I’ll be alright, and if I am alright, I’ll be able to look after my husband and children..

I was right. Writing, making myself write every day, even if just to say “Today I can’t write,” made me keep on inhaling and exhaling, inhaling and exhaling, like a dolphin making a conscious effort to keep breathing so as not to drown.
And here I am, almost six months since that treacherous day, still writing and breathing and living.
And the blog has grown, and more people gather around it each day and we are creating a movement, and our lost ones are thus being honored and their lives and deaths recognized for the tremendous impact they had and have on us, and the world.

So, my friends, my fellow survivors, supporters, readers, do you have a story you want to share?
Who have you lost? What have you lost? Who do you know who has lost someone? In what way have you been touched by suicide? Have you thought of ending your life? Do you know someone who feels desperate, hopeless enough to want to end their life? Do you know how to help them?
And finally, what do you know about suicide?

Let us all tell our story. Let’s turn our individual stories into one big story.
The untold, unabridged story of suicide.
The story that too many do not understands, or even care to hear. Yet it is such a big story, a story that happens every minute of every day. Indeed, every minute someone attempts suicide!
Every sixteen minutes someone dies of suicide!
Yet, even when the news makes the news, like in the case of my son, for instance, it dies quickly. But together we can join our voices and raise the volume.
Suicide thrives in the silence of the night and will not survive with our noise and light.
Do you want to go first? Please email me at
Okay then, I look forward to hearing from you.


If You Are Feeling Suicidal Or If You Need To Talk Please Call The National Helpline
1-800- 273-8255

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