Red Velvet Cake

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"Andrew loved Red Velvet Cake"

Andrew loved Red Velvet Cake

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I am tired today. Mother’s Day is coming up.
Andrew’s 21st birthday is coming up.
My daughter wants us to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. The “party” has been called:
Collecting Andrew’s Memories.
I think it is going to be awkward and sad and unbearable.
Personally, I would prefer to “celebrate” by smashing a bunch of breakables, pick a fight with one or two choice people and then if there is a cake, slap it on someone’s face, not anyone nice of course. Just the face of a jerk or jerkess, aka female jerk.
Hm who could that be? Sarah Palin? Or maybe whoever wrote that, with such a large bow-tie (the one Andrew was wearing on the picture that was splashed everywhere when he died), maybe Andrew glided to the floor when he jumped.

Such creeps and losers are invaluable, a veritable gift, actually, for without them, who would we take our aggravation out on?

By for now,


6 thoughts on “Red Velvet Cake

  1. I like Florentina’s idea of collecting memories. How would she like to collect them? But if it would release hurt and anger and frustration for you to break some breakables, I say go ahead and do it. Glass has a lovely sound when breaking. And be sure to label / name each thing you break– this is for the insensitive jerk who… And record the event so you can have a good laugh about it later. Probably can get some sweet deals on breakables at a thrift stor or yard sale. 😉

    • The idea is for people to bring pictures, recollections, anything they have of Andrew.
      You know, you are brilliant! You’ve given me the perfect idea on what to do this Mother’s Day week-end. I’ll go looking for breakables, smashable sounds even better actually, and then have a smashing party. Question is, where to do it, I don’t fancy cleaning up the mess afterwards, for one thing, it would defeat the purpose. 😉 🙂

      • Your’re the experienced Event Planner, my dear! 😉 Where and cleaning up should not hold you back! It “sounds” like it would be a lovely event. One of my friends actually held such a Party! I know she had a large bit of property at the time. And I didn’t think to ask her about the clean up. Knowing her, I imagine since she didn’t have to worry about children getting hurt, that she probably left her sculpture there to admire for a short while until she felt like cleaning it.

      • You know what? Maybe we should have a punch bag at the Fair, what do you think?
        I love your sense of humor, it makes me smile 🙂

  2. Part of wellness is employing ways to relieve stress and other negative emotions. You practice yoga and meditation. There are other positive ways to release negative thoughts and emotions. But I am not sure about punching bags?!

    • The Italian side of me gets really carried away at times, with colorful descriptions. However, punching a pillow has been suggested as a stress releasing activity.
      Now, punching a bag can’t be that much different.

      Thinking of you as the 8 and Mother’s Day are coming up one right after the other.

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