By Dickens


“And can it be, in a world so full and busy,
The loss of one creature
Makes a void, so wide and deep,
That nothing but the width and depth
Of Eternity can ever fill it up.”

Charles Dickens

I enjoyed seeing Andrew’s friends last night. I looked at them with different eyes. I was grateful that their love for their friend was so deep and true that they would choose to be with us fresh out of the car that brought them back from College. I was touched that they found the occasion of their fallen friend’s birth day, a day to dedicate to him.
They stayed until late, they played games, after a while they lifted our spirits enough to relax. I let my tears dry, and looked and talked to Andrew’s friends with great interest. They knew each other in ways that only friends do, and I was getting a peek. My son emerged even greater than I already knew him and those boys dearer to my heart.
Thank you to all those who loved him and love him still.

Andrew’s Mummy


2 thoughts on “By Dickens

  1. I hadn’t thought about it much before but it has been my son’s friends who have really helped me and our family find much solace in our grief.

    I am happy Andrew’s friends spent time with you on his birthday.

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