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"Bruno and me at the airport on our way to India - Feb. 2, 2008"

Bruno and me at the airport on our way to India - Feb. 2, 2008

Bruno was one of Andrew’s best and oldest friends. His many wonderful and distinctive qualities endeared him to all of us. Earning Bruno’s approbation was regarded by us as a privilege and his friendship and trust were highly treasured.
A few years ago, I wrote a book called BRUNO AND THE SEARCH FOR WILLIAM. The protagonists were Andrew, Bruno, Florentina, Tom (Andrew’s best friend growing up in London) and Florentina’s bear, Jackalyn (yes that’s the correct spelling)
I wrote the story during the day and read it to Robert at night. He loved having a story read with his siblings as the main characters, and written by his mother.
Recently Robert suggested that I should try to have the book published; he loved it, he said.
So this morning I got the manuscript out and I will take a look at it. But here is an extract of the first chapter.
I would really appreciate some comments.

The Beginning

“I had a dream,” Bruno confided to his friend Alfred, the honey-colored bear who sat next to Bruno on the Teddy Bears Shelf of the toy shop.
“Did you? What was it about?”
“It was night-time and I was sitting on the shelf sleeping, when suddenly I woke up and I saw a big bright light in front of me.”
“Oh Bruno! You must have been dreaming,” said Alfred.
“Didn’t I just tell you that I had a dream? Honestly!”
“Oh, yes, sorry. And then what happened?”
“Well, I know it may sound a bit odd, but this light spoke to me,”
“The light spoke… to you… Bruno are you feeling okay?”
“What kind of a question is that? Of course I’m okay, why shouldn’t I be? Anyway do you want me to tell you about the rest or not?”
“Oh please, please… don’t mind me my friend. Please tell me what the light said.”
“Well, the light didn’t actually speak…”
“Thought not! I mean… No?”
“Well, it did speak but not with words… look Alfred the long and the short of it is that now I know how to get my heart’s desire.”
“Oh,” said Alfred. “I didn’t know you had a heart desire.”
“I do. And so,” Bruno said sitting upright. “I have decided, that from this moment on I am going to wish for a boy of my own and for a bed to sleep on instead of this shelf.”
“Bruno?” Alfred’s eyes nearly popped out and his jaws dropped from the shock of the announcement. Bruno, this brown bear of… of… well this bear of unique views and ideas and fast held opinions… This plush, immaculate brown bear was his best friend. They had landed on this shelf together and been together since. And now he wanted to be somewhere different and with someone else?
“Bruno, be careful,” Alfred, cautioned. “If it’s really true what this light said and it really happens that you get a boy and a bed… well then that means that you’ll leave… and… and I’ll miss you!”
“Sorry Alfred, my old friend. I will miss you too, but you must see that there is more to life that this sitting on this shelf! No, I’ve made up my mind.”
Without speaking another word, Bruno crossed his legs, closed his eyes, and pushing all thoughts out of his mind, he concentrated on leaving the toy shop for a new life, in a new home, to be with a wonderful, bright boy of his own.
Had Bruno not been sitting with his eyes closed and with crossed legs like a yogi, he would have seen the tall man come in and walk purposefully to the teddy bears shelf.
Casting a quick glance from left to right, he looked no further when he saw Bruno.
“Perfect size for his little nephew to hold,” the man thought. “Nice plush brown shiny fair. And… something different about this bear… but what? ” He asked himself taking his eyes off Bruno and glancing at the other bears left and right of Bruno.
“Oh, I know! It’s the way he sits erect, with his legs crossed and eyes closed, while his peers are slouching about. Yep, little guy,” the man decided. “You are perfect for my nephew. Andrew will love you.”
But Bruno was oblivious to anything other than his own inner vision. But when he became aware that he was inside a gift bag and no longer on the shelf, he nearly screamed with shock! For you see, Bruno had gone into his inner retreat with a clear vision of his desire. And he did believe what the light had conveyed to him…focus all your thoughts on your heart’s desire and it will always come true… always come true..
But no question about it, Bruno was shocked and excited!
“Yippee, he thought scrambling to his feet in time to say goodbye to Alfred.
“Goodbye Bruno, I’ll miss you. But I’m going to close my eyes and wish for cotton candy now,” Alfred shouted as Bruno was being whisked out the door.

16 thoughts on “Bruno

  1. I love it!!! Keep going with it. My Andrew had a white teddy bear..called him “White Teddy”. It was on his bed the day he died. His roomate brought it to me that morning..poor little bear, his neck coming loose and one eye missing. He sits on my night table, reminding me of my sweet little boy who would not go to sleep without his White Teddy.

      • White teddy got a good stitching and a needed washing….he looks forlorn without his Drew tho. Such a precious little bear.

      • When did he get the surgery and the bath? And now that he is all nice and clean and mended, he should cuddle up with you at night. It’s quite nice, and he needs comfort too. xox

      • It is a lovely, sweet story and I say BIG publisher for sure. Jono had fruppy puppy but just like the sweater I wore to his memorial I can’t see myself washing the DNA of tears and the smells of dreams.

      • Thank you Susan! I have to say, getting bruno (the MS) out of the filing cabinet where it sat for years, has helped me out of my dark hole. And when I told Robert that I was going to work on it to try getting it published, his face lit up as it hadn’t for a long time.
        What’s fruppy puppy?

        And… Susan? Anything more for the Fair?

  2. The book is great. I also wrote a children’s book years ago which I tried to publish. Now it is so much easier because of self publishing. I am going for it again and our daughter, the Yoga instructor is also an artict so she is going to illustrate it. I have a book you may want to order entitled, “The Fine Print of SelfPublishing.” A good read on choosing a company. Good luck with it. Mine is also about two of my three children.

    • I am going to close my eyes, cross my legs and wish for a big publisher instead, how about that?
      And my friend Peter Sis can illustrate it. He has already don a true likeness of Bruno. 😉

  3. I have many pictures of my son holding stuffed animals of all types. I don’t remember a particular one. He just liked hugging and being hugged. I remember when he was “stroller age”, whenever I went to the toy store, I would go directly to the stuffed animal section, select a stuffed animal for him to hold, then effortlessly browse the store with a very content child. And when it was time to leave, he would allow me to return the animal to it’s place without a fuss. Happy memories…

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