It’s Official


"washington-square-park" google images

washington-square-park google images

It’s official!
We have a go with a slightly date different from New York City Parks department.
The Fair will take place on September 18, 2010 from 12 noon to 6 p.m. in Washington Square Park!

"Washington Square Park" - Google images

Washington Square Park - Google images

And now I feel quite giddy actually.
At the time I thought nothing of it. Let’s create an opportunity for survivors to come together, I thought. We’ll have a picnic or something, I thought.
Washington Square Park, I thought, that’s where we should have it. What location could be better?
Bang next door to NYU! Right in the middle of the East and West Village. People walking by and through it all the time, bustling with life and activity.
Yes, definitely, Washington Square Park it must be.

"Washington Square Park" - Google images

Washington Square Park - Google images

It is only now that we have the permit – for which I thank the AFSP, American Foundation for Suicide Research who applied for the permit on our behalf and are our partners in the endeavor – that I realize what a major Manhattan location I shot for. I can’t believe I aimed so high and thought nothing of it AND got it!

So here we are, with a permit and some ground work already done. I am very grateful to those of you who have stepped up to the plate and volunteered to help. We have volunteers from several parts of the United States and I dream of at least one person in each of the States. We have our friend, survivor father of Bruno in NZ also keeping a keen eye on things. We have a few friends in England, Italy, Holland, Singapore and India cheering us on. We have the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of St. Lucia based, international company
Sacred Cows Group and Andrew’s Fairy Godmother, lending her support to reducing the incidence of suicide and promoting emotional wellness. She is working on a special project and we’ll announce the details soon.

So, what do we have left to do for the Fair? Quite a lot actually! My original and simple idea of getting together with other survivors and friends for a “picnic,” has got out of hand, what can I say, I get carried away!
I kept thinking of more nice things to have at the gathering, like: yoga, stress buster therapy, meditation enquiry table, mental health workers, alternative healing practitioners, sport to reduce stress (we’ll have a fencing demonstration, it’ll be great), there will be music, a memorial display, boards for people to write on.
We will have information material, wallet cards with emergency numbers, some basic training on how to recognize when “suicide is in the room” (we hope), a workshop on how to collect memories with Dempsey Rice.
And more.
We need everyone to mobilize and contact their local papers, radio stations, television networks, Congress people and let them know about the Fair. For even though the Fair is taking place in Manhattan, it is an event without borders, and that we have volunteers from far and wide is wide is proof of it. But more than that, Suicide and Mental Health are a world-wide issue.
And we have to stress this point over and over to make an impact on Suicide Awareness & Prevention and Emotional Wellness.
The other way you can help, if you have not done so already, is to please sign the petition and get others to sign it.
Okay then, let’s get to It! Let’s get on with It!


The Petition to give Suicide A Face & Mental Health A Voice

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