Memorial Day Weekend


I am glad we didn’t do anything last year for Memorial Day. We are not doing anything this year either. This time last year we had just moved house and we were all too tired to even think, let alone do. None of our friends were doing anything either, although I don’t know what their excuse was, so we spent a quiet Memorial Day Weekend at home. It was quite relaxing actually.
This weekend will be pretty much the same as last year, except… well, we all know that it won’t be just be the BBQ that’s going to be subdued in our household.
Mot of the fire in the Country will be used to grill steaks, hamburgers, kebabs and whatnot…
For me, for my family, and for many like me, fire is what we walk though, every day.
Hopefully it is like the alchemist fire that turns iron into gold, pain into pure love.
People normally say that there is no gain without pain.
I say: there is no pain without gain – No question about that as far as I am concerned.
BUT, is there no easier way to get there? How about getting a break? Please?

Okay, since posting the first rough chapter of Bruno the book, I have been told in emails and comments that you are looking forward to second installment. I don’t want to be mean or anything, but the full thing will be available when it is published. But, here, let me give you a snippet from the beginning of chapter two.


Plucked point-blank from the quiet of his inner retreat, Bruno’s exposure to the outside world was as dramatic for him, as it must be for a baby to be expelled from the warm, watery peace of the mother’s womb. A myriad sights and sounds never before heard, or seen, overwhelmed the little bear senses. Even the gentle breeze blowing from the Harbor, felt harsh on his body and sharp to his lungs. Giddy and shaken, Bruno let go of his hold of the bag’s edges and slipped to the bottom with the deafening sound of rustling paper. The shelf he had occupied with Alfred and the other bears, now seemed like a lost paradise. Where had this pea-brained idea of leaving the world he knew well for the complete unknown, come from?
“Why couldn’t I just be like Alfred, happy to sit on the shelf and amuse myself watching the people coming in and out of the shop all day?” How could something that he had wanted so much, be so frightening now that it was becoming reality he asked himself as he looked around, trying to get his bearings. But all Bruno could see wherever he looked, were walls of creamy white paper.


6 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I love the word choices and the wonderful images you create with them. Please keep us updated with your book’s publication progress.

    How could the book honor Andrew and bring awareness to the tragedy of suicide without being frightening to children and potential buyers. Maybe that is another book.

    Spending time at home with your family is “doing something” for Memorial Day. 😉

    • I am playing with the idea of naming some of the characters after our lost boys. You se, the book is written, but I am just taking the plot and basically re-writing it. I think I write better now than when I first wrote it.
      By the way, you are a school teacher, from the little you read, what age group would you say is suitable for? xox

      • Make sure you keep a version of the original.

        I’ve taught children K – 12. But I’ve been working with high school students most recently.

        So far your book makes me think of children’s picture books like… Velveteen Rabbit, The Polar Express, Jumanji…but I’m not in the publishing business. Probably Peter Sis could give you more advice or someone in the publishing business.

        Children’s pictures books are for all ages… 🙂

      • When I read it to Robert’s 1st grade class, his teacher too told me that it reminded her of Velveteen Rabbit.

      • How did the children respond to your reading aloud Bruno? If you can recall. (What is the Title?)

      • Bruno & The Search For William. They loved it. So did Robert’s friends who were given a copy to read.

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