2 thoughts on “Habemus Logo

  1. Yesterday (Memorial Day) my daughter and 7 of her friends brought the makings of a suprise birthday party (pizzas, soda, decorations, cookies, bubble soap and fun bubble wands, streamers, presents and cards, etc.) over to the home of a boy in their school who they all really like a lot, who has Asperger’s and is unfortunately teased a lot at school. He is a wonderful intelligent boy, who absolutely loves weather and everything about it. He wants to be a meteorologist, and is constantly photgraphing different weather patterns, analyzing them etc.

    Well, he was in his glory yesterday; there were 8 girls setting up his suprise party in his living room, and a HUGE thunderstorm broke…it started pouring and there was constant lighting and thunder!

    The girls (8th graders) had been planning this completely on their own for weeks; they bought everything with their own money….they asked a couple of parents to provide transportation (they are too young to drive)….that’s it….otherwise they did everything else themselves…

    The girls said they wanted to celebrate their classmate’s birthday and honor him for how smart he is, and how he truly has a passion for something, and how he is their friend and always there for them…

    This boy’s parents and all of us stood quietly at the end of the day when we came to pick them up and we thought the world would be a much better place if we all supported one another like this…

    • What a lovely story. I am so happy for the girls, the boy and all of you parents. And the world is, not would be, is a much better place because of it.
      Thank you for sharing. Love, Esmeralda

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