Another Month

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"This was the picture used by the media when Andrew died - They took it from his facebook page"

This was the picture used by the media when Andrew died - They took it from his facebook page

Here we are, another week, another month. Difficult to know what would be best, for time to slow down or go faster. The last seven months have gone by really fast, and that seems to have robbed me of Andrew even more.

The first day of the month of November, seven months ago today, was the last time that I spoke to Andrew, on the phone.
It wasn’t even a long conversation, it was the morning after a late Halloween, and he sounded tired. I didn’t keep him. Thirty eight hours later Andrew was dead.

I think about Andrew constantly, constantly. Sometime I visualize him so hard, hoping to make him appear by the power of my thought.

All your friends are home from college now, but not you.
And this is another month without you my love


11 thoughts on “Another Month

  1. I noticed that today President Obama proclaimed June 2010 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month which he also did in 2009. I wondered if he or our previous president had ever made a proclamation to bring awareness to the tragedy of suicide and the health concern of mental illness. I happened upon a website listing all presidential proclamations.

    I did not see any proclamations regarding mental health or suicide. Maybe I missed them. Or maybe it is time to bring mental health concerns and suicide to the attention of our President?

      • Yes, most definitely! Send it on. This is a deplorable state of affairs. We need change and he’s the man for that! Have you already sent it to your NY representatives and senators?

    • Thank you for this important piece of research. I am going to write about it on the HP
      Great work, thanks 😉

      • Great idea! It would not be right for conservatives to appear more compassionate on this issue. Since as everyone “knows” they’re a very intolerant, insensitive lot. 😉

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