Things Do Get Better

Robert went back to school today.
Robert’s teachers have all been wonderful. They have all offered to see Robert individually to make sure he catches up with the rest of the class.
Yesterday his class had the Health final, Robert will take it today during one his study halls.

I think we’ll all be happy when school is over. Robert needs a break, we all need a break.
Personally I have always preferred to have the children around. In fact I never minded when the children were home sick.
“My mother likes it when we are sick and we can’t go to school,” Andrew once said to Martha, the mother of one his friends.
“I do,” I told her. “I like looking after them. I like it that we are all home together.”

In the afternoon, yesterday, Robert and I watched Harry Potter and the half blood Prince. He was lying on the sofa, I on the armchair next to him, holding hands from time to time.
Later on in the afternoon, just when Robert was settling down to do some revision, relief came for him from a friend.

“Hi, this is Scott. Can I speak to Robert?”

“Mummy can I go to Chicken Joe’s with Scott and Nate?” Robert asked me with a big smile on his face that did my heart good.
“Of course you can… but.”
“I will study when I come back,” he said before I could even finish the sentence.

And he did. When he came back, more at ease and relaxed, he went straight to his computer and spent a couple of hours studying.

When we said good night last night I asked him how he was.
“Better,” he said.
“Darling,” I said, holding on to his hand to keep in my room a moment longer. “I am glad that you are feeling better. Always remember that…”
He looked at me uncertain for a moment and then something clicked.
“Things get better,” he said smiling.

I wish Andrew had known that!

Take care all of you teenagers, taking your finals, studying, dealing with your hormones.. things do get better.

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2 thoughts on “Things Do Get Better

  1. Yes, things do not ever remain the same. There is nothing so constant as change. As bad as life may get, or our perception of it, that does not mean the current situation will remain that way forever… “Things get better.” And things may get worse but then they do get better. It’s a blessing to have lived long enough to know that for sure and how wonderful that Robert came to this conclusion himself and was able to state it.

    How beautiful too how your post shows what we need when we’re grieving–supportive family members available to listen and talk and assist; friends; time and space to grieve; understanding personnel at institutions like school and work; human touch…

    Today makes 1 year and 7 months since my son went Home… :*(

    • Dear Michael…
      Dear Rayo, it is nice to know that home is where we’ll all go when our work is done. Everybody goes home after their day’s work, everybody
      Hugs, Esmeralda

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