A Friend’s Memories

“… What I remember the most about when we were little was that he introduced me to many hobbies and games that I enjoyed with him through the years. a few of them were Pokemon, warhammer and starcraft. we enjoyed trading Pokemon cards (because as much as he tried to teach me, I could never understand how to play the battling game so we just stuck to trading back and forth) and painting the warhammer action figures together. he taught me a lot about them and about the different kinds of paints that there are out there, which I still use to this day to paint some of my models. also as far as starcraft goes, he is the one who introduced me to it which to this day is still my favorite computer game of all time and I still do play it because of him, I actually remember talking to him about the sequel of that game the last time we saw each other last summer and how excited we both where that after close to 10 years it was finally coming out. I remember we always used to battle together with Michael and Eric and he would usually come up with some crazy strategy that would always result in him winning after a long battle with the three of us. another thing i remember of us when we were little was his birthday parties which always included an epic super soaker battle. i remember one of the last ones I went to he just got the monster XL super soaker, which I think is still the biggest, heaviest supersoaker they ever made, but he was able to hold it and use it and definitely got all of us with that gun no matter what we tried and no matter what other supersoaker we tried to use against it, it was always fun with him. other times when I would come over your house he had his racing car’s set up and we would race them all over the track, I still can’t believe he had an entire racing car track in your basement, I thought that was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. also I vaguely remember the rides in your Land Rover and how it had the back seats on the sides of the car and we would sit in the back. One time I think we took the bus home to your house and he wanted to show me an old car body in the middle of the woods near your house so we trekked through the woods for maybe a half an hour to the point where you could only see woods around us and somehow he was able to find this old body of a car just randomly in the woods, I was so scared that we weren’t going to be able to get back because of how far we walked but he was able to find your col-de-sac with no problem from the middle of the woods.
unfortunately I don’t remember the exact moment or even what grade me and Andrew met, it seems like it was so long ago, but one of my first memories with him was in Dows Lane, probably around 3rd grade when me and him and maybe 4 other people would go into the back corner of the recess lot and we would all play this game where we held each other’s hand and swung each other around until one of us would not be able to hold on anymore and would fly away. other early memories i have of him was when we were also in Dows Lane, maybe even at the same time we would all have massive arm-wrestling competitions because when your that small if you can beat enough people in an arm wrestle your king of the world. I remember he was the only person my size that would be able to consistently beat me, even though he was a lefty and I was a rightly, he was always a lot stronger than he looked. now that I think of it he also introduced me to the Nintendo 64 and to perfect dark which I still play today. he was always so good at video games, no matter what we would play, he just had a skill for them. skipping to later in his life I remember the last time I saw him, during last summer when I first saw him on his motorcycle he was telling me about how much he loved driving the motorcycle over a car and how different it was. he really seemed to like it.

that’s about all I can come up with for now. if I remember anything else I will let you know, I hope all is as well as it could be and that you find these memories usable even though I do realize at times my writing seems not so coherent. I wish you and your family the best! if you need anything else please don’t hesitate to ask.


4 thoughts on “A Friend’s Memories

  1. …what a fun collection of memories of a boy’s life and a kind tribute to a Friend.

    My boys are almost all “grown up”, except the “baby”. Reading this took me back to those wonderful days raising boys. 🙂

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