In Loving Memory Of Andrew

"Outside The Bitter End"

Outside The Bitter End

December 13th was a freezing cold night. Driving along Bleeker street on our way to the Bitter End, we saw Santa clad people everywhere. December 13 was Santa Con, I learned later. I’d never heard of it.

“Are you Mrs. Williamson-Noble?” A young voice asked me while I was standing in the freezing cold outside the Bitter End.
“Yes,” I replied turning to face to him. Are you Arjun?” I asked the anxious young man standing in front of me.
“How do you do Mrs. Williamson-Noble, nice to meet you. These are Scott and Brian.”
“Thank you for coming.”
“Our pleasure,” Arjun said. “We wanted to be here for Andrew’s concert. And this is the book we made in his memory,” he said, handing me a beautifully bound brown book with the picture of one Drexel’s building on the front.
Tears streaming down my face, I took the book and held it to my heart.
Those boys had rented a car and driven from Philadelphia to be at Andrew’s Memorial concert by IPPAZZI.
I was moved beyond words.

Over the next couple of days I am going to share with you what Andrew’s Drexel friends wrote in that brown book.

In Loving Memory Of Andrew

This scrapbook was made at the dinner to honor our beloved Andrew Williamson-Noble.
The dinner included neighbor’s of Andrew when he lived in Caneris on the fourth floor during the Fall of 2008.

It was our way of coming together to honor the brilliant person we know and cherish.

Andrew was a big part of our floor, and we all thought you should know how much he meant to us.

This scrapbook contains messages and memories to Andrew and to you, his family.
We also included photos from the dinner when we made this book in addition to some we took while on the floor last year.
We hope this book provides you with the comfort that a warm hug can bring.
Please enjoy the memories as much as we enjoy them and Andrew for always.

Andrew’s Dinner – Dec. 9th 2009 Canaris MPR – Drexel University

Potluck Style! We all brought dishes, which resulted in LOTS of leftovers!
Chicken Piccata over saffron rice, pizza, salad, mixed veggies, 2 pumpkin pies, 1 cheesecake, soda, fuzes, and traditional Chinese rice cakes.

Brian, Ziheng, Sheldon, Ashlie, Luke, Scott aka Andrew’s twin, Andrew M., Marie, Jon and Arjun.


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